31 Rare Facts to Surprise Even the Most Knowledgeable 

We all know that one person knows the esoteric details about our universe. But, there are still some rare facts that might shock them into a stupor. So, let’s see what those 31 rare facts are. And if possible, you could always rattle them out before said person. Who knows- they might get impressed?

31 Rare Facts That Will Surely Make You Sit Up And Notice

1. If you think you are absolutely focused on whatever you are doing, think again. It has been reported that one’s mind wanders around 30% of the time that an individual does their chores. The percentage goes up to 70% when someone is driving on a lonely road. 


2. NASA has had the pleasure of translating most of the radio waves that come from the atmosphere of other planets into sounds that we can actually hear. This is exactly how 21st-century Astronomers were able to discover that the atmosphere of Neptune sounded like the waves of the ocean. Also, Saturn resembles the background score of any horror movie. Conjuring, anyone?

Cat ears.
Image Credits: Echo | Unsplash

3. Your pet cat has close to 32 muscles in its ear- which is why it can hear every minute of noise. The muscles in their ear also help it rotate independently- which would help in detecting the sounds better. 

4. According to some scientists, the best hour of the day when one should take a nap is 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm. They believe that this is the point in time when the energy levels of the body go down- making one sleepy. But unfortunately, the schedule that an employed individual follows rarely gives them the time to get afternoon naps. 

5. You might know of people who believe that they have slept a lot even if they didn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours. This is the placebo sleeping effect in which one convinced their brain that they have slept well. Interestingly, if one were convincing enough, they would also increase the performance of the brain. 

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Shoe laces
Image Credits: Nathan Dumlao | Unsplash

6. Tired of your shoelaces getting untied? Well, there’s a reason behind it. Every time we walk, the knots on the laces experience seven times the force of gravity. Simply compare it to any rollercoaster, where the G-force one feels is 6.3G. 

7. Did you know that your sense of taste can be influenced by sound? Well, this has been researched extensively and found to be the truth. Sounds that have low frequency enhance the bitterness of the food, while noise that is high frequency brings out the innate sweetness. 

8. If you spend all of your time at any event clicking pictures, you might not be able to remember it correctly. There would be blank patches in your memory, for you were too busy looking at the world from a phone screen, and not your eyes. So shut your phone and watch as Harry Styles performs on stage.

Image Credits: Hans Veth | Unsplash

9. Anyone who has ever gone on an African Safari would know the sheer majesty of a lion. But do you know that a lion will not even move from its place after having a large meal? Sometimes, lions sleep for 24 hours after eating. 

10. If you want a tan, the best place would be the beach. Or you could go for expensive tanning booths- which also bring about a chance of UV radiation. Or, you could get sweet potatoes. One can get a tan from these food items- as they have an immensely high carotene content. 


11. Fans of scuba diving would love this rare fact! If you have ever lost your way underwater, blow some air bubbles. They will take you to the surface- away from the darkness of the ocean. 

12. The organ that is responsible for calling the heart, the ‘heart’, is the brain. And guess what- the brain named itself the ‘brain’. So the next time you listen to your heart rather than the brain- think about this.

13. Are you confused about your feelings for someone? Simply look at them. If your pupils dilate– you must have some strong feelings for them. But then, they could either be hate or love. As long as you are not carrying a knife to stab them- it would be the latter. 

UPS van
Image Credits: Flickr

14. Ever seen any UPS delivery truck take a left? Well, me neither! And incidentally, they end up saving 10 million gallons of gas by doing just that!

15. If we didn’t have the Moon, our seasons would be pretty messed up. As it stands, the Moon ensures that the Earth’s axis is balanced and does not shift unpredictably. 

16. Venus, the second closest planet to the Sun, has a bunch of trivia associated with it. But what is most interesting about this planet is that one can find metals falling like snow. So, if Elon Musk is reading this- you know where to go!

Bill Gates with French flag behind him
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17. Bill Gates, the uber-rich philanthropist, and the founder of Microsoft was quite a ladies’ man when he was young. Back in high school, he decided to alter all of the program codes at his school. This allowed him to take his classes with mostly female students. 

18. Speeding tickets are the backbone of the Traffic community. Everyone must have received at least a single speeding ticket in their life. In Finland, apparently, the price of a speeding ticket is often determined by the accused’s income. In 2002, an executive of the cellphone company Nokia was given a ticket worth $103,000 for going at a speed of 45 km/h. 

19. Have you ever wondered why people usually work for 8 hours? Well, this was done so that the day could be divided equally. An ideal day would construe 8 hours of work, followed by 8 hours of entertainment, which would then follow 8 hours of rest. 

A cover featuring Prince
Image Credits: Douyun Seo | Unsplash

20. One of the greatest singers of the last 100 years, Prince was a prodigy in the truest sense of the word. In his first album, he was the only person credited throughout- except for another co-writer for a single song. This singer produced every single song, sang all of the parts for the songs, and also produced the music for it himself. 

21. Gorillas love to eat. So much, so that they sing happy songs to themselves while eating. Don’t try to mimic them, as they keep changing the songs that they sing. And if you give them what they love to eat, they would sing louder. 


22. Ever looked at broken pieces of colorful glass through a cardboard tunnel? Yes, we are talking about a kaleidoscope. Incidentally, a group of butterflies is also referred to as a kaleidoscope- for they are colorful too!

23. The MCU has grossed over $20 billion with its movies over the last 2 decades. But back in 1998, Marvel had offered the rights of its characters to Sony for just a sum of $25 million. Sony ended up rejecting the idea and simply bought the rights to Spiderman for $10 million. Well- we know how that story goes.

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A garden spider
Image Credits: Ed van dujin | Unsplash

24. This rare fact will definitely give you the shivers. If every spider on earth functioned together, humanity would be extinct within a year. They would eat us all.

25. You must have friends who are brutally honest with you and aren’t hesitant to call a spade, a spade. You might think that they are insulting, rude, and mean. But according to a study published in the Psychological Science journal, one’s meanest friends usually are the ones that care for them the most. 

A dog
Image Credits: James Barker | Unsplash

26. Dogs are a man’s best friend. But that is not the whole truth. Not only do dogs love their owners, but they also see them as their own family. And this has been scientifically proved by conducting an MRI scan on the brains of our four-legged friends. 

27. Most of us wake up from a deep slumber and yet feel tired. This could be a condition called Hypersomnia. In this, one individual could sleep up to 15 hours but still wake up with a headache. 

28. If you are a successor of Jules Verne and you really want to see what’s inside the Earth, drill a hole. And if you drilled a tunnel all the way through to the other side of Earth, you might want to jump. Remember, it would take you 38 to 42 minutes to go to the other side- so keep your affairs in order. 

A kid with blue eyes.
Image Credits: Cristina Anne Costello | Unsplash

29. Every blue-eyed individual is related to the other. According to an anthropological study, the first blue-eyed person lived near the Black Sea in Europe- around 10,000 years ago.

30. The current human population is 7 billion, and it doesn’t seem to be decreasing. But, the first billion individuals came to the planet over a course of 200,000 years. The next 6 billion came in just 200 years. Yikes!

31. The last rare fact we have for you could be highly useful in your daily activities. Mental breaks are a must for the modern man. It could be in the form of meditation or even a nap. They increase the productivity of an individual, whilst replenishing their attention.

So, did you like the rare facts that we have for you today? Remember, don’t forget to test them out on your friends. They might get pleasantly surprised too!

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