I’m a proud ‘adult baby’ who wears diapers

Many people go through a phase in their childhood where they like to dress up in funky outfits, and reenact scenes from their wildest imaginations. A lot of the time these children grow out of this and choose rather to adorn themselves in adulthood. Some people still find a kick out of dressing up as various characters, even in as they grow up. This brings us to Lucy. A young woman who just loves to dress up as a diaper-wearing baby.

Lucy wearing her diaper, and snuggling ateddy
Image Credit: @marshmellowkittykat | Instagram

Love loves to wear diapers

Lucy is a 28-year-old young woman living in Philadelphia, USA. Her surname has not been revealed but has an Instagram handle @MMKittyKat. She appears at first glance as any young woman may seem until you take into account what she is wearing. Lucy loves to dress up a baby that wears diapers and keeps her mouth preoccupied with a pacifier. This is not your average outfit. But, contrary to popular belief, Lucy swears that this has nothing to do with a sexual “fetish”.

According to Lucy, she became aware of her love of wearing diapers as a young girl of nine years old. Her parents had another child, and Lucy like to steal her baby sister’s diapers and put them on herself. She felt better when she was wearing them. However, She only started to understand this part of herself when she reached adolescence. At this point in her life, she discovered the ABDL community. Otherwise known as the Adult Baby/Diaper Community. For the fist time she realized she was not alone, and there were other adult who loved wearing diapers just like she does.

She swears it's not a sexual fetish
Image Credit: @marshmellowkittykat | Instagram

I was eight or nine years old when I first got these feelings and it was very confusing,” said Lucy in an interview. “I didn’t find out adult babies existed until I was a teenager and I did some Google searching of my own when I was thirteen. Until then, it never occurred to me that there would be more people like me.”

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She tries to live a normal life

During the interview with Lucy, she tried to explain what it’s like to have this desire to wear diapers. She told the reporter how she tries to not let it affect her day-to-day life s that she doesn’t let it get in the way of her friendships or her career for that matter. For this, she explained that she tries to avoid relieving herself while wearing the diaper (as a baby would) and she tries to use a toilet during the day.

“I try to use the bathroom like a normal person until it’s night time and try not to let it affect my day to day life, my friendships or my career.”

The only person who knows about this, and knows Lucy personally, is her mother. But, Lucy says she prefers to keep this side of her unknown to those around her. She said: “It’s something my mom knows about — but apart from that I keep it private.”

She spends about $90 - $120 per month on diapers
Image Credit: @marshmellowkittykat | Instagram

Lucy seems to manage pretty well, despite keeping such a big part of her true essence hidden from the world. She has maintained a decent job, but she will never truly grow out of the child that lives inside her. “I have a good career and I’m good at my job but deep down I still feel like I’m a little kid.”

Having a good career is important if she wants to keep up this lifestyle of wearing diapers. According to Lucy, she spends between $90 and $120 each month on diapers alone.

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