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Baggage Handler Dies After Hair Gets Caught In Conveyor Belt At New Orleans Airport

Tragedy has struck at an airport at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. One of the ground support workers was tragically killed when her hair got caught in the baggage conveyor belt. The nightmare-like scene took place on the 30th of August and left her family and colleagues with broken hearts.

Tragedy strikes

26-year-old Jermani Thompson was working at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. In short, she was a baggage handler, and was offloading the luggage onto a flight for Frontier Airlines last Tuesday night. In a freak accident, her hair got caught inside the moving conveyor belt at about 10:20 local time. She was rushed to the hospital, but her injuries were severe. Soon after, she was pronounced dead.

Angela Dorsey, Jermani’s mother was heartbroken over her daughter’s death. According to Angela, her daughter was a big fan of basketball, and a great player too. She told FOX: “She was a basketball guru, [she’d] do anything you ask her to do. I just can’t believe it, you know, my only daughter is gone.” She expressed her sadness over the loss of her daughter. “She was my baby girl. Everybody loved her.”

Jermani’s family are looking for answers for over her tragic end. Her sister-in-law, Nicole Branch spoke about how sudden and unexpected Jermani’s death was. This led them “She went to work one morning and never made it home,” Branch said. “This is just so unreal right now.”

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The highest of highs and lowest of lows

Jessica Barber was Jermani’s basketball coach. She made a post on Facebook about her former player’s tragic death. Her words were touching and revealed the close bond shared between coach and player. “This morning I was interviewed about a former player for a potential job. Later, at lunch, I learned about the passing of one of my former players – the highest of highs and lowest of lows as a coach.

Then, she added, in this life, there are no guarantees. “You can choose the right path and still, death can call your number sooner than expected. My heart is shattered – for her family, for her friends, for her co-workers and for this world. Jerm was a good one.”


Words from airport officials

Firstly, the director of Aviation for the airport, Kevin Dolliole expressed his remorse in a statement. Additionally, he spoke of how the GAT airline ground support team had lost a member of their family. “We are deeply saddened about the tragic loss of GAT Airline Ground Support team member, Jermani Thompson,” said Kevin. “So, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport extends its sincere condolences to her family and friends, and also to our partners at GAT and Frontier Airlines.” He added, “Jermani was a part of our Airport family. So, we will continue to support one another in any way we can during this trying time.”

Secondly, GAT’s chief executive officer, Mike Hough, mentioned how the airline are doing everything in their power to be there for Jermani’s family. “We are heartbroken and are supporting her family and her friends as best as we are able,” said Hough.


A similar incident

Meanwhile, another accident occurred in the same month. However, this was right cross the ocean in a Russian airport. In short, the maintenance crew were reportedly giving the dust pads a good clearing on August 19th. While they were working, a rotating propeller of an aircraft hit a 48-year-old airport worker. As a result, he was injured severely. Subsequently, the man died instantly from the injuries.

A spokesperson for the Belyoarsk Airport (EYK) made a statement on the incident. They said,on August 19, at the airport of the Beloyarsk Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, after starting the engines on an An-24 aircraft preparing to fly to Berezovo, an accident occurred while clearing the thrust pads. An aircraft technician fell under the blades of a rotating propeller and received injuries incompatible with life. Moreover, the reasons for the incident are being established.”

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