Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
February 22, 2022 ·  3 min read

Pentagon all ears for ideas on how bunny penetrated security to access inner courtyard

The Pentagon is known for being the most highly-guarded, completely impenetrable building in the United States. It is one of the most secure buildings on the planet. Despite this, one of the world’s most docile, gentle creatures managed to infiltrate the building all the way into the courtyard at the center of the five-walled fortress. That animal was a small, fluffy bunny. The Department of Defense (DoD) is still trying to figure out how.

A Bunny Has Infiltrated The Pentagon

The Pentagon is one of the most heavily protected buildings on the planet. It’s five walls are impenetrable, there is 24/7 security, and the most advanced warning systems in the country. Despite all of this, one small, unassuming intruder managed to make its way past all that and into the five acre center courtyard completely undetected. This intruder has two long ears, two big front teeth, one fluffy little tail, and hops instead of walks. That’s right: The intruder was a bunny. (1)

While there is no official confirmation of the bunny that is apparently now living inside the Pentagon, there is photographic evidence as well as an eyewitness account. This comes only a couple of weeks after a chicken nearly successfully broke into the Pentagon, as well. Near the end of January, a feathered friend now known as The Pentagon Chicken was caught sneaking around the security area of the building. Though the chicken did not manage to sneak past the guards, the bunny, evidently, did. (2)

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How Did The Bunny Do It?

Talk about a rascally rabbit! Security detail at the Pentagon are still trying to figure out just how this furry little creature managed to get all the way to the courtyard without being caught. There are no “holes in the walls” or unguarded entrances anywhere on the premises. 

There is one theory, and that theory involves birds of prey. The five-acre courtyard has plenty of trees in it. It is also where many people go to eat and take a break during their working hours. Birds fly in and out all of the time, but that’s the only wildlife anyone has ever really seen.

“Aside from birds I have not seen any other wildlife. That is why I thought the rabbit was so notable,” an inside tipster said. “A bunch of us were trying to figure out how the rabbit made it into the courtyard since there are no obvious points of entry. The current hypothesis is that the bunny was carried into the courtyard by the hawks that were nesting in one of the trees and dropped before it was fed to the offspring.” (3)

Where Is The Bunny Now?

According to the same tipster, the bunny is currently living inside the courtyard of the Pentagon. After all, it is a big, open space with plenty of foliage and room to create a burrow. One thing is for certain: That bunny has the most heavily-guarded bunny burrow in possibly the entire world.

“From time to time there may be various species of animals on the reservation that make it to the Center Courtyard,” said Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough. “We normally do not intervene unless the animals create a hazard to building occupants, or the animal is at risk from our activities. In those situations, we will try to have it leave on its own accord, or capture it and release it to the environment where it is distanced from our activities (e.g., land adjacent to Boundary Channel).”

So until it is either spotted again or shows signs of distress, the bunny will now live inside the Pentagon… forever? I suppose this means that the DoD has a new mascot now – move over, eagle!

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