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College student tired of paying rent builds a cozy tiny home for $15K to live debt-free

Rent prices are not getting any lower. Neither are the prices of college tuition, textbooks, food, and other expenses that college students often find themselves strapped with. This college student decided that the rent life was not the life for him – and neither was insurmountable debt. He built his own tiny home and is now living rent and debt-free.

College Student Builds Tiny Home To Save On Rent

Bradley, a student in Jacksonville, Florida, was new to college. He spent his freshman year of college paying rent, and after that, he knew it wasn’t for him. After his first year, he decided to move back home to save money to create the rent-free, debt-free home that he wanted. He saved up and then got to work building his very own tiny home.

He calls his home the Rolling Quarters, and tiny home is definitely an accurate description. It is 27 feet by 8.5 feet in size. It has a long-lasting vinyl finish to give it the look and feel of a Florida beach bungalow. He also built it on wheels, so that if and when he wants to move, he can move right along with his tiny home. (1)

The Details

Though it is small, he has made maximum use of the space. It is very open with a spacious design. When you walk in, you can see all the way to the back. That, combined with the large window at the end as well as a couple on the sides really brightens and opens up the small space. It is a tiny home that feels bigger than it is.

The Kitchen

Often when people think of tiny homes they think of tiny kitchens, too. While his kitchen certainly has limits on it that larger, full-sized homes don’t necessarily have, it is much more spacious than you’d guess. He built an eight-foot-long counter perfect for preparing food. To maximize space, he got an electric hot plate which he can store underneath the bench. When he is cooking, he just pulls it out and places it on the counter. When he doesn’t need it, it stays tucked under the bench to optimize counter space. He made sure to install a large kitchen sink so that washing dishes wouldn’t be a problem.

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Lounge and Bedroom Spaces

His lounge and dining area serve as one space. He’s got a comfy couch with built-in storage space. He also has a small table that is placed right in front of one of the windows for great meal-time views. He built himself a cozy, comfy, minimalist sleeping loft. He’s got a big queen-sized bed as well as an old locker for storage.

At the back of the house, Bradley built a small office space. This was important for him because as a college student, he naturally needs to study. He decided that he valued having a space separate from the lounge space to do work. For him, separating work from relaxation time was very important.

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The Bathroom

Some tiny homes don’t have such functional bathrooms as others. Having a comfortable bathroom experience was important for Bradley. For this reason, he installed a full-sized shower. He also made the decision to use a composting toilet instead of one that requires water. This is much more convenient because it means he doesn’t need to hook up the water every time he wants to go to the bathroom.

No Rent, No Debt

Not only did Bradley not want to be paying rent for the next few years while studying, but he also didn’t like the idea of going into vast amounts of debt, either. Living at home, he saved up enough money to build his tiny home. In the end, he built the entire home off of a $15,000 budget, which he saved himself. Now he lives with no rent and also is not in debt from a house. Naturally, the house can move with him if he needs to. It is also a good investment because he could use it for other purposes one day or even rent it out to make more money.

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