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Solar Company Gets Bright Idea to Cover Storage Facilities in Solar Panels—Brings Power to 1,400 Homes

The largest community solar operator in New Jersey recently had the idea to cover storage spaces with solar panels. The project was completed and the end result meant that Extra Space Storage, a Neptune, New Jersy self-storage site now has a 6.5-megawatt community solar array that totals around 800,000 square feet. Apparently, this power station would be able to power close to 1,400 nearby homes.[1]

The solar operator behind the idea is Solar Landscape, and they finished this project on the 1st of August. This is one of the many sites that the company owns. Incidentally, this site is also the first one among 46 other community solar projects. Incidentally, this plan has met with approval by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in year 2 of the Community Solar Energy Pilot Program.

The storage facilities with their rooftop solar panels.
Image Credits: Solar Landscape

The senior manager for the company, McKall Morris, stated, “Partnering with Solar Landscape on this project aligns perfectly with our commitments to be good corporate citizens and to participate in environmental initiatives that are positive for our communities, customers, employees, and shareholders.” The introduction of a community solar panel is quite beneficial for an entire community. This allows residents to start subscribing to a nearby installation that would be hosted on a commercial property. The residents of that community would then be receiving their electric charge at a highly discounted rate. This also accounts for the ensuing extra in one’s savings- for low-income households. 

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Solar Panels Giving Back to the Community

The CEO of Solar Landscape, Shaun Keegan, mentioned, “The promise of community solar panels in New Jersey has arrived, and it’s bringing guaranteed savings to residents at a time when many other costs are increasing. We’re proud to be partnering with Extra Space Storage on this project, which connects business leaders with the local community and saves residents money.” The entire program has seen Solar Landscape partner with several schools, community organizations, as well as nonprofits. The company also recently awarded scholarships worth $20,000 to several high school seniors through one of its programs. 

Duke Realty 1. Image Credit: Solar Land Scape

One of the first community solar panel projects for Solar Landscape is the Duke Realty 1. This community solar is located at 1000 High Street in Perth Amboy. This solar project is able to generate around 5.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The second Duke Realty project is located at 960 High Street in Perth Amboy. And this project generates electricity for around 400 local homes, with around 3.1 million kilowatt hours worth of electricity.[2]

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