Dog tests positive for meth after walk

There is truly no telling what can be found on the streets! Roger Dunn was walking Zelda, a 3-year-old dog, around his neighborhood. However, he soon realized that something had gone horribly wrong. The usually energetic and happy dog was, as Roger puts it, “erratic”. The reason is even more confusing!

Roger explains that Zelda usually walks about 6 miles per day. On Sunday, the two were having their usual outing. Things started becoming weird after the walk had ended. Dunn explained that Zelda kept erratically moving her leg. Soon, she was becoming more and more frightened.

A Correct Analysis Of The Dog’s Symptoms

Without sparing a moment longer, Dunn immediately took Zelda to see a vet. The vets suspected that these were symptoms of some kind of drug. After screening her urine, their suspicions proved to be correct – the vets found amphetamine and methamphetamine.

Roger Dunn with his dog, Zelda
Image Credits: KFMB via CNN Newsource

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Fortunately, they immediately administered a sedative and an IV drip to Zelda for one and a half days. Dunn, meanwhile, alerted his neighbors about the findings. He reported that several others responded and said that their pets acted similarly. As such, the neighborhood is quite concerned with the whole fiasco.

The veterinarian, as well, reported that they had observed 4 cases like Zelda’s in the span of only 3 days. Dunn said that everyone would agree with him when he says that the neighborhood has gotten quite a bit more hectic as the years have gone by.

Zelda, though, is fine for now for those wondering.

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