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Family of woman killed by teen speeding in Lamborghini wins $18.85 million lawsuit

Last year a 17-year-old crashed into a car at more than 100 mph with his Lamborghini SUV. Unfortunately, the person hit by the teen did not survive the horrific crash. She was a thirty-two-year-old Monique Munoz residing in Los Angeles. The family attorney announced just last week that the family of the deceased received an 18.85 million dollar settlement.

Brendan Khuri was driving his Lamborghini Urus SUV at 106 mph. He sped through a red light, crashing into Munoz, who was driving her Lexus. Munoz was returning home when the accident occurred. She died in less than 15 minutes of the gruesome crash.

Monique Munoz
Image Credits: Carolin Cardona

Last April, Brendan Khuri accepted the charges of vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence in the court of law. Since he was a minor at the time of the accident, he was given 9 months in juvenile detention.

Coverage of the original crash in March 2021

Why Was A 17-year-old Driving A Lamborghini?

Munoz family’s lead attorney, Daniel Ghyczy, expressed his views on the 18.85 million dollar settlement. He claims that it is a landmark win for Monique’s family. According to him, the settlement is like a closure. Monique Munoz’s family did not care about the money. They only wanted justice to be served. They wanted Brendan Khuri to be held accountable for his reckless behavior that cost them their only daughter. The settlement is the fruit of their hard work, pain, and determination said Ghyczy. The lawsuit also included photos of race cars that Brendan and James Khuri, his father, posted on their social media accounts.

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles

James Khuri uploaded an image to Instagram featuring Lamborghini and other high-performance cars. The caption read that he had to win, however, even if he did not win, he would still have his son.

James Khuri is a rich businessman residing in Los Angeles. A Forbes profile on James Khuri described him as a successful entrepreneur. He owns 4 real estate enterprises, along with 5 manufacturing and distributing firms.

The mangled remains of Munoz's Lexus after the accident.
Image Credits: LAPD West Traffic Division

A few weeks after the crash, Carol Cardona, Monique Munoz’s mother, had been vocal about her fears that they might not get justice because of Brendan’s father. She felt like the Khuri family’s wealth and influence would let Brendan walk away without any consequences. Last year, in an interview with Fox News, Cardona expressed her frustrations. She said that Brendan killed her daughter and believed that Brendan’s father’s influence would keep him safe.

James Khuri has been charged with helping a minor commit delinquent activities, which ultimately resulted in the death of a woman. The court has set the date to June 8 for James Khuri’s hearing.

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