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Forget Coffins or Boxes: This Company Swirls You Into Unique Glass Art Creations When You Die

Grief isn’t something to try to avoid, and it isn’t something to try to “just get over,” either. Whether you’ve lost a parent, a dear friend, or even a beloved family pet, it’s important to acknowledge your loss and celebrate the life of your loved one as best you can.

Some families are moving away from the urn tradition and choosing to transform their loved ones’ ashes into beautiful pieces of glass art that reflect their spirits, instead.

Enter, Greg and Christina Dale, owners of Artful Ashes. Since 2012, Greg and Christina have been using impressive glass-blowing techniques to honor lost loved ones. Greg was inspired to create Artful Ashes when he lost his grandparents. He wanted to share the opportunity with others to make something beautiful from grief.

The loss of your loved one is so difficult.

Our artists, capture the essence of your loved ones spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, sealed forever within beautiful glass art. These amazing pieces comfort your grieving, allowing you to hold and treasure your memories. Each order is treated with the utmost care and respect, following strict tracking and production methods. If you don’t live in the Seattle area, we mail you a collection package to securely return a tablespoon of your loved one’s ashes for each memorial to be created. Thank you for trusting us to help you heal… ~ Greg & Christina Dale

Each Artful Ashes creation includes a personalized inscription for those who are left behind. It’s just one more unique way Greg and Christina make sure their glass art creations are special and do justice to celebrating the lives of lost loved ones. They even nicknamed the bubbles that can sometimes form during the glass blowing process as “Spirit Bubbles”.

Currently, Artful Ashes creates three types of ornaments. Hearts, which are about 14 ounces of solid glass, Orbs, which are about 14 ounces of solid glass, and Angel Wings, which are about 1 ounce of solid glass. Each glass creation uses about a tablespoon of ashes, which show up as a white swirl.

You can inquire about Artful Ashes creations on their website.

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