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‘I only shower every 10 days — and I don’t care if you think I stink’

In the old days, it would be acceptable to go for a few days, maybe even a few weeks without bathing. Being dirty was normal in hose days. With the evolution of society, we have discovered the amazing benefits that come with washing regularly. These days, taking a shower is something most people do daily. One woman has become a TikTok sensation because of her videos stating she only showers every 10 days.

Aydan showers every 10 days
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“The girl who doesn’t shower”

Aydan Jane has a bathing routine that is unlike most people. By the age of 23 years old, she has managed to gross over 2 million people out simultaneously. She did this by posting a video that she only takes a shower every 10 days or so. Of course, people would accept this if she did not have access to a shower. But, Aydan says this is something she does by choice. The TikTok video has been viewed over 2.9 million times, with varying reactions.

“I am living proof that you don’t have to bathe often to look and feel good,” said Aydan. She refers to herself as: “the girl who doesn’t shower & shows her period online”. so, not only does she boast her scarce shower routine to the world, but she puts her period on display too – and proudly at that.

Aydan revealed in her videos that she doesn’t change her routines for anything. So, she doesn’t add more showers into her schedule when she is on her period. Naturally, there were a few people who were quite shocked when they heard this and tried to warn her of the health issues of being dirty. In a response to one comment about periods being dirty, Aydan wrote: “Your period does not make you dirty. Periods are not dirty. Also important to note that the vagina is self-cleaning, so you don’t have to clean it — cause it cleans itself.”

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Video credit: TikTok / aydan_jane

What is healthy bathing?

The question remains, is Aydan’s choice of bathing schedule a healthy decision or not? Dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak was interviewed by The New York Post. According to her expertise, skipping a day or two between showers is not going to harm you. However, if you go further than that, the bacteria that form from your sweat are actually harmful.

You also have to still think about all the bacteria and [toxins] that accumulate on the skin,” said Dr. Russak. “When the body sweats … it’s all a natural way of removing toxins. Still, you don’t want to leave that sitting on top of your skin too long, encouraging pimples, folliculitis, and other skin infections.”

She went on to say that exercise means you should at least rinse your body. However, not your whole body, “only in the areas that have higher concentrations of sweat accumulation.” This goes to show many of our gym routines can be cut down dramatically. Dr. Russak also gave a great sign for when a sign is necessary, just in case people were still uncertain. “When you smell, it’s time to take a shower,” she said.


Is there such a thing as too many showers?

Where there is Aydan Jane, the 23-year-old who only takes a shower every 10 days, there are some that may be considered ‘overly hygienic’ who shower multiple times a day.

According to Healthline, we all have different skin types, so our shower routines will not all look the same. It also depends on any existing skin conditions. Those who are suffering from eczema, might not want to shower more than once a day. This is because their skin will dry out even further without giving the skin’s natural oil time to buildup. Furthermore, psoriasis can flare up if a shower is had twice a day.

That being said, even those without a skin condition, might still show signs of taking too many showers. We all have natural skin oils that are essential for the health of our skin Too many showers can strip the oils that usually provide moisture. Winter might be a hard season for your skin if it lacks the essential oils.

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