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Tallest Woman In The World Smashes Three More Records

If one were to be the tallest woman in the world- chances are they would also have the largest hands and fingers too. And that is exactly the case with Rumeysa Gelgi. The 25-year-old is the tallest woman on earth at 7ft, and 0.7 inches and she recently secured three more records. Now, for most people who are that tall, height turns into a curse. But for Gelgi, the height has been a huge blessing despite the obvious challenges that she has had to face.

This woman also holds the record for the largest hands, the longest fingers, and the longest back of any female. Her right-hand measures a staggering 9.8 inches (24.93 cm), whereas the average female hand has a measurement of around 6.7 inches (17 cm). Like any other person who had once secured the tallest person on Earth record, Gelgi was born with a rare genetic disorder in Turkey. She weighed around 13 lbs and had a length of 23.2 inches (59 cm).  For those who are wondering- these are the measurements of an average two-month-old. 

Rumeysa Gelgi and her parents.
Image Credits: Guinness World Records

The Tallest Woman On Earth Speaks About Her Experiences

Gelgi has had her fair share of difficulties. She often has to lay down in a van rather than sit in order to travel. But, she believes that any weakness can be turned into strength- if worked hard enough. In an interview, Gelgi mentioned, “My height looks like a disadvantage to other people but I have turned it into a blessing for myself. My uniqueness and differences are being awarded and celebrated. As well as being the tallest woman on earth, I have broken three more world records, including the largest hands of a female, longest fingers of a female, and the longest back of a female.”


She continues: “I have a totally positive outlook on life, but there are challenges that come with my height. One of the biggest challenges I face is transportation. I’m too tall to sit in a car in a regular seated position, so I have to travel in a van with a mattress in the back so that I can lay down. I have never been on a plane before, but I am hoping to do so this year, and I will have to travel while laying down on a stretcher. As a result of weaver syndrome, I suffer from scoliosis which also means that I can’t sit in the same position for too long.

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And The Troubles That Come Along with It

But her problems haven’t deterred Gelgi. The tallest woman on earth knows that there is no point in complaining, so she simply strives on. “As soon as I was born I grew very quickly. I was always aware of my condition but wasn’t conscious of how much I stood out until I was around six years old when I was 5ft 6 inches. However, I was never upset or ashamed of my height because of how positive my parents taught me to be. It can be tough because not everywhere is accessible to me, especially as I mainly use a wheelchair or walking frame to get about.

Rumeysa Gelgi, the worlds tallest woman compares the size of her hands to an average person's
Image Credits: Guinness World Records

Finding clothes that fit me is also very difficult. I have to get my trousers and leggings custom-made to fit me and I buy dresses but wear them as tops. So, it is really limiting and hard to find clothes that I actually like and want to wear. I have to get custom-made shoes too and they can cost up to 100 pounds per pair. My bed is also specially made for me. It is 2 meters and 30 cms long to make sure I can lay down and get a comfortable sleep each night.

Gelgi remains positive though: “Although there are challenges that come with my condition and height, it has taught me so much. Instead of looking at it as something that is negative and causes me trouble, I just see it as something that makes me unique in the world.” The tallest woman on earth is an inspiration to those who think their physical specialties make them weak- for it is not.

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