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Man shames restaurant by weighing steak at the table to prove it is underweight

When one thinks of having a meal at a restaurant only positive things come to mind like good food, flowing drinks, and quality time with your dearest people, right? Well, the last thing anyone wants to deal with when out for a meal is their food being cold, their order incorrect, or missing a crucial ingredient.

In July 2021, Antonio Chacon went for a birthday meal at a Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo, Colorado, but it didn’t go as planned. The young man who was celebrating his 22nd birthday ordered his favorite meal on the menu – ribs and steak, with mashed potato and fries, only to notice that the sirloin looked ‘really small’ and claims he was proven right after the steak only weighed 3.68oz instead of 6oz.

Antonio said: “I told the manager and waiter. They didn’t believe me that it didn’t look right. I went with my mum, dad, girlfriend and my brothers and my two stepdaughters. They were laughing.”

Antonio wanted to know the real weight of his steak

Determined to get what he was paying for, Antonio says he wanted to weigh the steak under the waiter’s watch. “My dad said ‘go get the scale we just got’. I rubbed it and I did ask for permission and I made sure I asked the main manager because I would have felt disrespectful doing that if I hadn’t.”

So, I asked the manager, ‘do you think I can weigh it?” She said, ‘yes, no problem. Go ahead. So, I ran to my car. I had scales in my toolbox in my trunk. So, I went to my trunk, grabbed it, and used the paper wrap. I ripped a piece off, put that on the scale then I put the steak on. It weighed 3.6oz. The waiter was like, ‘oh, it’ll weigh 4oz or 5oz’. I said ‘no, this looks small. It looks like a children’s meal’, I’d ordered an adult meal.”

This was the first time something like that had happened to Antonio, ‘That was the first time it’s happened, but then again I hadn’t thought about weighing it before, I never knew steak shrunk. I guess it does a little bit, but it shouldn’t shrink that much.’ There was a happy ending to this all when all was said and the meat weighed, the restaurant remade his meal, and even had the master chef bring it out to him.

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Luckily, he got a discount and a new meal!

They gave me a discount. The waiter was even shocked. He said, ‘damn, you’re right. I said, ‘yeah, I know. I’ve ordered this a lot of times to go and I know what 6oz is’. They even had their master chef bring out a new steak for me. They remade the steak. It looked way bigger and a lot better.

However, after sharing this incident on social media, along with mentioning the name of the restaurant, social media users were left divided. Scores of people argue that the weight listed on the menu is of the uncooked meat, not foot weight after being cooked. Antonio remains unbothered by these comments and says that restaurant-goers should carry scales so that they can also weigh their meat if it looks too small. 

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When describing his reaction to his social media post, Antonio said; “People were talking sh*t. Then others were getting inspired too. It was funny. A lot of people were talking stuff saying, ‘oh that’s a drug scale’. It wasn’t. They said there was white stuff but I had my little brother and he was playing with the salt shaker and everything.” 

There were many comments to his social media post, some making reference to him being a ‘Karen’ and others applauding him for checking. Either way, he got his money’s worth and more on his birthday! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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