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Woman Puts Condom On Her Leg Like A Sock To Call Out Men Saying They’re ‘Too Big’ To Use Them

We definitely know someone in our social circle who refuses to wear a condom. While they may be doing so because they consider themselves to be well endowed, that is a complete myth. It doesn’t matter if they are the biggest casanovas around, they should be wrapping up for the greater good. So the next time someone tells you a story about how they just can’t wear one because ‘it won’t fit,’ show them this. 

A TikTok video has been going viral over the last few months explaining why the ‘it won’t fit’ excuse is, to put it mildly, a load of sh*t. Funny enough, it’s also a great advertising idea for condom companies. The video is ingenious in its simplicity. It highlights a woman that puts a condom all over her leg. And why? Simply to show men that irrespective of their size- a condom will work. The video was posted on TikTok by user @theel-inloser- and shows a couple of individuals putting condoms on. While one of them brought it over their feet, the other woman dragged it to her knees. 

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You Say You’re Big- But Are You Really Too Big For A Condom

As it usually happens with such trigger-happy TikTok videos, this made the waves too. After all, we have all come across someone who could do with seeing the video. Since its posting, the video has been watched a staggering 13.4 million times. It also received close to 21,000 comments- most of which was quite hilarious.


What a fancy thigh high, right? That’s all

♬ Condom On Your Tongue – Marvin Sease

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Hilariously, the official Trojan Brand Condoms Tik Tok account commented, “Fun fact: This product was actually modeled after me specifically! Such an honor xx”

While @brialynicole wrote, “It was very difficult not to laugh at men that said this when I worked at an adult store.

Other users, such as @idkancha3 also shared their ideas about it. “Dude EXACTLY LMAO. They just don’t wanna wear one so they lie.

@boobtrapsnscoobysnacks had a hilarious new clothing design. “Finally waterproof socks.” 

Wear It- Roe v Wade Might Make It a Compulsion Anyway!

The video began with one of the individuals standing on a leg to give her balance. After that, she started covering her left foot with the latex condom. As it goes with most TikTok videos, the texts superimposed on the screen weren’t far enough. Texts like “I’m too big” and “It won’t fit” appeared- a testament to the excuses men usually gave. Another woman sitting on the floor had the attention of the cameraman next. Interestingly, she was also trying to place another condom on her foot. The video ended with the poster placing the condom all the way. And quite poignantly, the condom didn’t tear or break. 

Other users on TikTok came up with their own hilarious interpretations of the video.

One user commented, “Fitting and comfortably fitting are two different things. If they think it doesn’t fit, they’re probably buying the wrong size.

Another user mentioned, “I have a health teacher who put it on her entire arm. I love her.”

A user on Comicsands had the best explanation for the entire debacle. Blownhigh, the user commented, “I’m on the larger side, and while yes condoms do stretch an extreme amount, they can accommodate even the largest members out there. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be tight and uncomfortable… that being said, Magnum and Magnum XL can handle anything you can throw at them and still not be uncomfortably tight. Man up and put on the raincoat fellas, there is acid rain out there after all!”

So, the best way we can put it is this- wear the glove, and then make love. Wrap er’ up.

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