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Woman Survives Car Being Flattened By Semi-Truck

Miracles do happen and here is another real-life example of it. In Washington, USA, a semi-truck collided with a small car on the morning of 16th November. The car had only one passenger – the woman who was driving it. However, the impact was so strong that the car had been folded in half. Moreover, the semi-truck had come to a stop atop the car.

Anyone would have assumed that any person inside would have been crushed, to say the least, after getting a look at the wreckage. But, miraculously, the woman inside was absolutely fine, apart from a few “minor injuries”!

A State Trooper Admitted To Never Seeing Such A Horrific Accident

The woman, who is yet to be identified, was driving on Interstate number 5 and was approaching Mount Vernon. She was in the middle of the Skagit River Bridge in between two semi-trucks. When the truck ahead slowed down, she did the same. However, the truck following was too close to slow down in time[1]. As a result, the semi-truck smashed into the car from the back. After mangling the car, the much larger vehicle rode on top of the car, where it finally stopped.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rocky Oliphant was on the scene of the accident. He posted several pictures and gave his description of the incident on his Twitter account[2]. There he wrote that he never witnessed any incident like this one.


He said that he was at a loss for words to describe the collision, and was even more surprised that the woman only suffered minor injuries. He had been a state trooper for 14 years, but this was the first time he saw something like the semi-truck collision.

Oliphant gave further details about the collision in subsequent tweets. The unfortunate car was a red Nissan Altima. Furthermore, he confirmed that there was only one occupant of the car when the crash happened. The semi-truck collision had a severe impact on the traffic of the area as well. The authorities had to block the traffic on the bridge in both directions to rescue the woman.

Oliphant confirmed the situation of the traffic in another tweet. He said that both SB and NB lanes had to be closed since the collision took place on a bridge. The driver was also still inside the vehicle while the semi-truck rested on top. He explained that traffic was making the bridge move which, in turn, was making the semi-truck unstable. He also posted a picture of the car’s back end, which he described as being “folded on top of itself”[3].


The Semi-Truck Trapped The Woman

The collision caused the woman driver to be trapped inside the mangled wreckage of her car. Oliphant said that when the car got folded on top of itself, the trunk’s rubber seal was touching the headrest of the driver. As such, the metal almost touched the woman’s head when it folded.


A trooper saw the collision and approached to check the situation. He then heard the woman calling out. A tow truck was brought in which then lifted the semi-trailer front end off of the wrecked car. After that, Oliphant claimed, on his Twitter post, that the driver exited the wreckage through an opening on the car’s passenger side, without the help of any medical or physical assistance.


The woman complained of pain in her head and ribs, as well as some cuts on the face. But the hospital confirmed that no serious injuries had been sustained.


As for the driver of the semi-truck, Oliphant said that a ticket was issued to him for following too close and a fine of $189[4]. Oliphant also warned motorists not to rubberneck at locations where collisions take place.


He was alarmed at how many drivers he saw holding a cell phone and photographing or recording the scene. He informed via his post that doing this can get a cell phone ticket or a 2nd-degree negligent driving ticket. That would mean a fine of more than $500[5].



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