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Jade Small
February 24, 2024 ·  10 min read

40+ Airports Moments We Couldn’t Get Over

Airport moments, those unique and unforgettable events that occur within the bustling terminals and runways, are the stuff of legends. These are the stories that people can’t stop talking about – from heartwarming reunions to unbelievable surprises and even some hilarious mishaps. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through these real airport moments that continue to amaze and amuse. These anecdotes remind us that airports are not just places for travel but also the stage for some of life’s most memorable experiences.

1. Perfect Photo-Ops

Woman posing in an airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

There’s always an opportunity to take some pictures. No matter where you go. This woman is getting herself ready to pose her way through her holiday.

2. Masks On!

Man with respiratory mask, and eye mask.
Image credit: sneaker toast.

This traveler is incredibly well-prepared for his long flight, sporting a face mask, eye mask, neck pillow, and noise-canceling headphones. His array of gear suggests he’s a seasoned traveler who understands the essentials for a comfortable journey.

3. Aiport Moments are Nothing Without Casual Acrobatics

People doing acrobatics at airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

These individuals are likely accustomed to receiving applause for their public stunts. In this airport moment, they aimed to provide some memorable entertainment to weary airport passengers. It’s heartening to witness young people staging a circus performance instead of being engrossed in their smartphones, surely bringing a welcome diversion to their fellow travelers.

4. An Airport Moment Like This Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposal airport moment
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Marriage proposals in public have remained a timeless and heartwarming tradition. Regardless of how many times it happens, the moment when someone asks their partner to share their life is always filled with excitement, not only for the couple involved but also for those who witness it. This photograph captures the joy and enthusiasm of onlookers as they celebrate the proposal. Choosing an airport as the setting for such a moment is guaranteed to evoke emotions and bring tears of happiness to those present.

5. Aiport Moments Might Include Spotting Your Fave Celeb!

Celebrity in an aiport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Spotted in their not-so-natural habitat. Airport moments include a lot of things. But, not everyone is lucky enough to spot a celebrity on their way to their destination. You never know, you might get lucky enough to sit next to them on the plane!

6. A Daring Selfie

Pilot Taking a Selfie Out the Window of a Plane
Image credit: sneaker toast.

a daring Selfie? Or a daring Instagramer? This pilot tried to fool his followers by pretending to take a selfie from the window of a plane. However, his Photoshop skills needed some fine-tuning.

7. Not Christmas Without a Gift

Christmas gifts on luggage conveyor belt
Image credit: sneaker toast.

SpanAir pleasantly surprised these fortunate passengers on Christmas Eve upon landing. As a gesture of gratitude for choosing SpanAir for their Christmas travel, everyone received a special thank-you gift. The contents of those intriguing boxes remain a mystery, sparking curiosity—perhaps a cozy travel pillow and a voucher for a future flight?

8. Meeting Your Baby for the First Time at Arrivals

Mom with sign holding baby
Image credit: sneaker toast.

A new mom decided to add a touch of humor to her homecoming with her husband, who had been away in the military during her pregnancy. Playfully acknowledging the weight she had gained during that time, she lightened the moment by poking fun at herself. She aimed to ensure a warm and lighthearted welcome for her husband as he met his newborn son for the first time. It was a heartwarming and sweet gesture that left a lasting impression.

9. Aiport Moments Include Being Exposed

Women exposing themselves at aiport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

A common theme in the oh-so-memorable airport moments is being searched down to your very core. Everyone who travels has hilarious stories to tell of how they had to get felt up in weird ways.

10. Aiport Moments like Being Greeted With Heartfelt Hieroglyphics

airport moments being greeted by your child holding a sign
Image credit: sneaker toast.

This child is clearly learning how to write. Her penmanship is some of the cutest the internet has ever seen! It’s clear how much she loves her grandparents. They must be so proud!

11. Watch Out!

Man taking a selfie with a plane flying over his head
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Contrary to popular belief, this photo was not Photoshopped! This is a real island on the Carribean where the runway for its airport is right by the beach. One moment you’ll be tanning, the next a giant plane is flying over your head.

12. Napping In Style

Woman napping at airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Airport moments are filled with a whole lot of people watching. Imagine walking into your waiting area at the airport and spotting this woman who managed to cradle herself into the chairs. Needless to say, she is not going to fall off.

13. Report for… Wait, What?

couple kidding at airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Some of the most heartfelt moments one can witness are those couples reuniting after a long time spent apart. This woman greeted her soldier partner with a sign that had a hilarious play on words.

14. Eyes On Your Child At All Times!

Airport moments like when your child scribbles on your Passport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Boredom takes its toll on each of us while we travel the torturously long journeys to far-off destinations. Not more so than a young child who has a minimal concept of time. Whatever you do, do not give them your passport if they’re armed with pens!

15. Oh Grandma…

Airport moments where a grandma is Grandma blocking the way
Image credit: sneaker toast.

This grandma clearly did not understand the concept of standing on the left and walking on the right. She planted herself in the middle of this electric walkway and let no one pass.

16. Yoga Airport Moments

Man doing yoga at an aiport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

There’s never a better airport moment than spotting someone in some crazy yoga pose. Long flights can be taxing on the body. So, this man is combatting the stiff muscles.

17. Forrest Gump Look-Alike on Airport Train

Man sitting on Airport train
Image credit: sneaker toast.

This man must have turned a few heads. No doubt, many people had to take a double look to make sure they hadn’t just seen Forest Gump sitting on the train at the airport. What a funny airport moment.

18. Luggage Sculpture

Lost luggage tetris tower
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Now this is Tetris at its finest! Lost suitcases from around the world seemingly converging at this airport. It serves as a valuable reminder to ensure you collect all your belongings from the conveyor belt, avoiding any potential trips to the lost-and-found tower.

19. Cuddle Puddle!

Couple sleeping at airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

It’s airport moments like these that make all single folk regret their life choices. This adorable couple have found the sweetest way to get some shut-eye. They seem to be comfortable, even in what looks like an uncomfortable sleeping position.

20. Ever Seen a Public Pet Restroom?

Aiport moments finding a pet restroom.
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Now you’ve seen everything. Imagine having an airport moment that required you to find a restroom. You finally found one, only to realize it’s restricted to those four-legged pets.

21. When Your Friends Greet You at the Aiport

Friends greeting someone at the aiport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Airport moments also include welcome home parades. These two friends got their friend well and good by blowing up an embarrassing picture of them. It sure must have received a giggle or two.

22. A Sign For the Thrill-Seekers

Danger sign
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Surprisingly, this sign is not a joke. In New Zealand, there is an airport that is far too close to the runway. The flights taking off will produce a huge amount of jet power that is actually unsafe for anyone standing too close. So, this sign is there for the adrenalin junkies.

23. Well Hello Now…

Man holding sign
Image credit: Noteably

This man was standing at the airport arrivals waiting for what could be his wife or girlfriend. We will never know what a relationship is, but she is most likely Italian.

24. Another Baby Meeting Their Daddy

Baby with a sign
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Here is another hilarious meet and greet for a baby whose father has been away since her mother was pregnant. The play on lyrics for the song we all know and love. It just melts your heart.

25. Seeing an Airplane Wreckage Mid-Takeoff

airplane wreckage
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Spotting a crashed airplane during takeoff can be quite unnerving. Unfortunately, this is the unsettling sight that greets passengers departing from Moscow’s international airport. It’s certainly an unconventional way to inspire confidence in travelers. Let’s hope they swiftly clean up the wreckage to ensure passengers have more pleasant thoughts during takeoff.

26. Aiport Moments Like Seeing An Injured Snowdog

Injured snow dog airport moment
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Meet Piper the Collie. She has a very special job indeed. She has been entrusted, by this Michigan airport, to save the lives of poor unsuspecting animals that get curious enough to venture too close to the runway.

27. Mom Quit!

Children Holding sign airport moment
Image credit: Noteably

These two adorable children couldn’t wait for their dad to come home after his trip. they stood at the airport waiting for him with a giant sign that explained that Mom quit. Obviously, it’s a joke, but it does make for a hilarious airport moment!

28. Mothers Have a Tough Job

Baby in X-ray basket
Image credit: sneaker toast.

We all know how many airport moments we’ve had to take off our shoes, belts, and jackets and walk through the detector machines. Well, imagine being a single mother, or a parent traveling alone with their baby. This mom simply had nowhere to put her child.

29. Breakup Airport Moments

Airport Moment break up sign
Image credit: sneaker toast.

This may have been a joke. But, no one will ever know. Britney had enough of Simon’s vanity. She chose this moment to bruise his ego with an airport moment breakup.

30. Another Photoshopped Aiport Moment

Airplanes taking off from airport.
Image credit: sneaker toast.

People just can’t seem to get over this image. That’s because some think it is a real picture! Well, we are here to set the record straight. It was Photoshopped! The artist made it from 400 images of airplanes taking off.

31. Instant Besties!

Funky Christmas suits
Image credit: ImplicationOfDanger

Both of these men were flying home for Christmas. Even though the picture leads you to think they knew each other before, and that they purposefully coordinated their outfits, they did not! They were complete strangers who bumped into each other. A Christmas airport moment special.

32. Neglected Luggage

child on luggage conveyor belt.
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Boredom is one of those airport moments you can’t escape. Even a child who has a boundless imagination can get bored. For this child, it seems they had run through all the games so now they were pretending to be a forgotten suitcase.

33. Reinventing How to Sit on a Chair

man sleeping on chair
Image credit: sneaker toast.

When the exhaustion kicks in, the brain cells run dry. People start doing some weird things. But, this man seems to have found a new and inventive way of sitting on an airport chair while waiting for his flight.

34. Some Finely Dressed Passengers

Airport moments like seeing penguins
Image credit: sneaker toast.

These birds became the most adored penguins that ever walked through airport control. A group of conservationists successfully rescued this endangered penguin species from poachers and safely returned them to their native habitat.

35. Puppy Puddle Airport Moments!

Puppies in the airport waiting area
Image credit: cloudform

This has to be one of the cutest airport moments you could find yourself in. It looks as if one of their bags opened and a bunch of puppies spilled out.

36. Sorry Sir, the Eagles Booked Up The Flight

Flight filled with eagles
Image credit: sneaker toast.

This photo is deceiving at first glance. One might imagine that passengers were mysteriously turned into falcons by a malevolent witch. However, the reality is quite different. It was a Saudi Arabian prince who leveraged his status to have all 80 of his falcons accompany him on a commercial flight. This level of luxury is reserved for only the most privileged individuals. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to know that the Falcons had a safe and comfortable journey.

37. No Words Here…

Little People Dragging Airplane
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Little people dragging a big airplane is an airport moment you will never forget. There must have been a Guinness Book of Records situation happening here.

38. Polar Bear is Lost

Polar bear at Alaskan airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

Did you know it’s quite common to see a polar bear running across the runway at the Alaskan Airport? They sure do strike up some fuss with the aggressively cute fur-bodies.

39. Why Walk?

child on suitcase in airport
Polar bear at Alaskan airport

This young girl’s tiny legs couldn’t match her father’s brisk pace as they hurried through the airport. In a clever move, she opted to hitch a ride on her dad’s suitcase instead. Did he detect the sudden increase in the weight of his luggage? One can only imagine that weary travelers nearby gazed with longing, secretly yearning for the opportunity to join the suitcase-riding trend rather than trudging along on foot.

40. Being Searched But Still Excited

Woman smiling while being searched
Image credit: Noteably

Airport moments are filled with things most people do not want to be doing. Being searched is one of them. However, this woman is so excited for her upcoming trip, that nothing is getting her down.

41. No Snowglobes Allowed

Sign saying no snow globes allowed
Image credit: sneaker toast.

These days, airports are so strict. You’re not allowed to bring any liquids onto the plane with you in fear of You-Know-What. Seeing as snowglobes have liquid… you’re not allowed those either. Better re-think your Christmas gifts.

42. Lost But Found

selfie 2 men at the airport
Image credit: sneaker toast.

These guys were the heroes for Sure when they found Jasmine’s phone. They let her know not to worry and eventually returned it. But, not before they poked some fun by posting a photo of themselves on her Facebook at the left logged in.


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