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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
February 25, 2024 ·  11 min read

45 Historic Pics And Artifacts That Might Make You See Things In A New Light

In a world continually pushing forward, there’s an undeniable fascination with momentarily stepping back in time, an opportunity rarely granted by historical images. It’s akin to gazing through a portal into the annals of history, where sepia-toned memories and black-and-white narratives spring to life. And where can you embark on this enchanting journey? Look no further than the page “World Of History.”

With a following that now exceeds 603 thousand history enthusiasts, this digital guardian of the past serves as your gateway to a bygone era. Established in 2022, it’s a relatively recent addition to the digital landscape, yet it has left an indelible mark with its daily offerings of historical photos and videos.

So, fasten your seatbelts (or don your virtual time-traveling goggles) as we delve into these captivating images. Read on to uncover an exclusive interview with Laura Aitken-Burt, a historian and archaeologist based in London. She imparts her insights on the importance of studying history, how it enriches our comprehension of the past, present, and future, and much more!

1. Let’s start off these historical images with clothing

Historical image of patterned flour mill bags
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

When you think that times are tough and they really are, it’s encouraging to see a little something to lift the darkness and inspire you to keep going! These mills had the most ingenious way!

2. Elaborate drainpipes – such beautiful historical images

historical images  - Drainpipes from the 19th century
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Uhmmm why can’t they just bring these back already?! The intricate patters and beautiful designs are pretty incredible if you ask us! Show of hands, who doesn’t want a beautiful drainpipe?

3. Did he just step into the future?

a man standing next to a 2000 year old Roman era portrait that looks just like him
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

You could swear it’s the same man! Maybe a distant relative? Their genes must be strong if this is the outcome 2000 years later! Or did this man just travel to the future? Who knows!

4. Artwork out of this world

2nd century Roman mosaic flooring
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

To think that our ancestors were this creative blows one’s mind! From the pattering to the color scheme, they really did appreciate beautiful things and made sure to live by that standard.

5. Even the hearses were beautiful

historical images  - An intricately carved hearse from the 1920's
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Someone took the time to build and carve the most elaborate of designs on everyday objects and this one’s no exception. The time and effort that when into showing respect the the deceased is truly beautiful.

6. The castles

An 11th century German castle
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

When you think of historical images, you think of castles right? This one’s no exception! What a beautiful design, from the stone walls to the intricate windows. What a sight to behold.

7. Leonardo Da Vinci – need we say more?

Leonardo Da Vinci's staircase design
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

There’s romance in art, even more so when it’s something thought up by unarguably an artistic genius of his time. Every single piece of hand carved stone fitting meticulously into the next.

8. Giant clocks

historical images  - A clock in France built in the 14th century
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

One of a few still present today, the Rue du Gros-Hrloge clock is breathtakingly beautiful! The small intricate design shows the effort and commitment that went into making a masterpiece of this stature.

9. Queen Elizabeth II

A historical image of Queen Elizabeth II in front of a vehicle in 1945
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Truly a shining example of the service that the royal family provided – serving alongside their fellow man, proving that they are as human as the rest of us.

10. Historical images of dollhouses

A dollhouse built in the late 1800's
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

This handcrafted masterpiece must have made many children quite happy, spending hours playing. From the arches to the windows, every little part is perfect.

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11. Safety clothing

A fireman suit from the 1900's
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Times sure have changed when it comes to the functionality of safety equipment and this historical image sure proves that. It must have been quite a hard time for firefighters who didn’t have the technology we have today to better keep them safe.

12. Grand staircases

historical images  - A beautiful staircase designed and built in 1897
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

There was nothing quite like seeing someone of notable importance coming down a beautifully designed staircase. This one is no exception to that rule.

13. Rock tombs

Rock tombs carved in the mountainside of Kaunos, Türkiye
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

The respect people showed for the deceased in Türkiye is quite admirable. These intricately carved-out tombs prove how dedicated people were when it came to their traditions.

14. The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil's Bridge, commissioned by a knight in 1860 in Germany
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Like something out of a JR Tolkien movie, the Devil’s Bridge sure is a masterpiece. Dark and eery in appearance, yet mystical and resembling fantasy.

15. Ancient rings

A gold ring from 1330-1360 BC Egypt
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Made in 1330-1360 BC, this ring has survived an astronomically long time. From the time carvings to the gemstones strategically placed, it’s incredible to think that such a masterpiece existed in the time of the Great Pharoas.

16. The University of Oxford

historical images  - The University of Oxford
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

The great scholars that must have graced its halls, the University of Oxford is truly a marvel when it comes to places of learning.

17. Rivaling other historical images, the Rose Garden Palace of Iran

The Rose Garden Palace of Iran - incredibly captured as an historical image
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

To think that a team of builders created this masterpiece feels almost too good to be true. From each hand-carved tile to the pattern and design, the Rose Garden Palace is an artwork if there ever was one.

18. Chairs

A reading chair from the 1800's
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

To think that someone had an idea to change the way they read and it led to this magnificent creation. Conveniently with its own candle holder to carry on into the night.

19. Greece’s Alleyways

Greek alleyways from the 14th century
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

To think that these remain intact today suggests a superior way of building. Perfectly designed archways and cobblestone pathways surely take you back to a time in history not to be forgotten.

20. Humans protected their nether regions before they thought of their heads

historical images  - The first testicular guard was invented in 1874, the helmet 1974
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

It only took humans 100 years to decide that their heads were just as important as their nether regions when it came to sport. More aptly, cricket.

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21. Impressive towers in historical images

The impressive black and gold American Radiator building
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Built in 1923, and opened in 1924, the American Radiator building has an impressive 23 floors. The American Radiator Building is an early skyscraper situated at 40 West 40th Street, positioned just south of Bryant Park in the vibrant Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City.

22. Warships

Swedish Warship Vasa
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Vasa, also known as Wasa, is a Swedish warship that was constructed between 1626 and 1628. Tragically, the ship sank after covering only about 1,300 meters on her inaugural voyage, which took place on 10 August 1628.

23. The Titanic

The Titanic in comparison to a modern cruise ship
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

It just goes to show, we have gone bigger in pretty much everything over the years. From our meals to our cars, buildings, and ships, we really are trying to beat our predecessors in magnitude.

24. Computing technology

historical images  - The size comparison of HD storage over the years
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

The fact that it took entire buildings to house basic data storage systems in the 1950’s shows you how far we’ve advanced when it comes to computers and their capacity.

25. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola cans from the 1930's
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Coca-Cola has definitely seen its share of history, from various glass bottles to cans to plastic. There are collectors willing to pay big money if you have some older cans or bottles lying around. Better get searching!

26. More gorgeous Mosaics

Wolf Mosaic from early Britannia, circa 300AD
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Mosaic is surely one of the oldest art forms that took human carving and arrangement to create beautiful pictures. This Wolf design from early Britannia is no exception.

27. Visiting the beach

Changing tents from 1940 used on beaches
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Women in the 1940’s had a very interesting way of getting changed when visiting the beach, using these cute, but rather silly-looking tents to ensure privacy.

28. Another castle captured in these historical images

The Edinburgh Castle from Grass Market, 1865
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Towering over the rest of the region, Edinburgh castle was a magnificently built building, huge in stature, nestled on a rocky cliff.

29. A plane crash where nobody perished

historical images  - A plane crash in Great Britain in 1960 where every passenger survived.
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

To think that all the passengers made it out safely is a marvel. Too often do we hear the tragic news of an airplane going down, the entire crew and the passengers lost.

30. A hunk of a car

Oldsmobile 442, 1969
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

A perfectly preserved beast of its time, this Oldsmobile 442 from 1969 truly has stood the test of time.

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31. A bridge still standing

The Arkadiko Bridge in Greece, built between 1300 and 1190 BCE
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

The Arkadiko Bridge, also known as the Kazarma Bridge, is a Mycenaean bridge located near the modern road that connects Tiryns to Epidauros in the Argolis region of the Peloponnese, Greece. This stone bridge, which dates back to the Greek Bronze Age, is remarkable for being one of the oldest arch bridges that is not only still in existence but also remains traversable to this day. – Wikipedia

32. Huge doors

The Temple of Romulus, Italy
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Situated within the archaeological expanse of the Roman Forum, the Temple of Romulus is positioned between the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina and the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine. Contrary to its name, historical evidence does not definitively associate the temple with the legendary founder and first king of Rome, Romulus. In fact, there exists an ongoing debate among historians and archaeologists regarding the temple’s origins and the deity or individual to whom it was originally dedicated. – Roman Wonder

33. Ancient books

historical images  - An 800 year old book
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

There are some very old books out there, this one is no exception. Written 800 years ago, one can only imagine what this book has survived to remain with us to this day.

34. Taxis from the early 1900’s

An electric taxi from New York, 1910
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Yes, there were taxis in 1900, but they were quite different from the modern taxi cabs we are familiar with today. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, various types of taxis existed in major cities. One notable example is the “electric hansom taxicab” that you mentioned, which was operated by the Electric Carriage and Wagon Company in New York City. They began operating 12 electric hansom cabs in July 1897.

At that time, most urban traffic was still dominated by horse-drawn vehicles, and these electric cabs represented an early experiment with electric-powered transportation for hire. The concept of taxi cabs continued to evolve and expand in the following decades, ultimately leading to the familiar taxi services we have today. – Love The Maldives

35. Santa Clara – Portugal

Roman Catholic Church, Santa Clara in Portugal, 1923
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Igreja de Santa Clara is a Catholic church located in the Sé parish of Porto, Portugal. Construction of this church began in 1416, and it was intended for the use of nuns from the Order of Poor Clares, alongside the Santa Clara Convent. The nuns took residence in the church in 1427, and it was ultimately completed in 1457. – Wikipedia

36. Prohibition raids

historical images  - Liquor being dumped during a prohibition raid in the early 90's
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

“A small number of states remained ‘dry’ for some years – Mississippi was the last until 1966, but there are still local areas where the ban on alcohol remains. Barrels of beer emptied into the sewer by authorities during prohibition. What is this? Emptying more than a hundred kegs of beer seized in a raid.”Rare Historical Photos

37. Another grand staircase… on the Titanic

The staircase of the Olympic
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Many commented on this image claiming it belongs to the Olympic, but either way, it sure is grand. “It’s actually the Olympic, as far as I am aware there are no surviving photos of Titanic’s grand staircase. As Olympic was the first launched, there were lots of photographs taken and press photographs of it. When Titanic came along it was basically the same staircase, so they didn’t bother with photographing it in the same way” – David Andrews

38. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – what a gorgeous historical image

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel's staircase
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

This architectural masterpiece stands as one of the most remarkable examples of Gothic revival worldwide. It’s almost unbelievable that in the late 1960s, this building narrowly escaped demolition, with wrecking balls scheduled to arrive within a mere 10 days.

39. The Great Library of Alexandria

A drawing of the Great Library of Alexandria
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Located in Alexandria, Egypt, the Great Library of Alexandria was a colossal and profoundly influential institution in the ancient world. This library was just one component of the expansive research institution known as the Mouseion, which was devoted to honoring the Muses, the nine goddesses presiding over the arts. So much history was lost in a fire. – Wikipedia

40. The Venice Canal

historical images  = Workers cleaning the Venice Canal in Italy - 1956
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Drained and cleaned again since, some rather interesting objects have been discovered in the canal. From ladies’ purses to bicycles, there are many treasures below the water to this very day.

41. Restrooms?

A drawing depicting the restrooms in Ancient Rome
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Imagine having to perch down in front of others while doing your business. Doesn’t sound too pleasant. We’re glad things have improved since and we now have way more privacy.

42. Domed houses in ancient Türkiye

Houses built in 6th century BC in  Türkiye
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

In Harran, the mud-brick houses once served as a shield against the scorching sun, providing refuge for its residents. Over time, these structures, crafted from a blend of mud, hay, and bricks, fell into disuse, marking a shift away from the traditional methods of construction. The iconic beehive houses of Harran, situated in southern Turkey, boast an ancient lineage dating back thousands of years.

43. A historical image that captures a lunch break

Workers in Berlin having a lunch break - 1957
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

A simpler time and simpler pleasures, these workers took a break while working on a manhole to have breakfast, bare hands, relaxed and content. A very different view to what we see nowadays.

44. A steamship sunken in the ocean

SS Thistlegorm sunken by a German Bomber, 1941
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

The SS Thistlegorm, a British cargo steamship constructed in North East England in 1940, met its tragic demise in 1941 when it was attacked and sunk by German bomber aircraft in the Red Sea. Today, its sunken remains near Ras Muhammad have gained international renown as a popular diving destination. – Wikipedia

45. A map of Europe’s Execution methods

 historical images  - A map of Europe's Execution methods
Image Credit: @Umarbzv X

Its not too long ago that beheadings were still a norm in major parts of Europe. Hangings also seemed a popular choice until very recently. has one thinking doesn’t it?

Apparently, the year 536 was the worst year to be alive – what happened?


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