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September 25, 2023 ·  11 min read

50 Easy Home Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Life

Welcome to a world of convenience and ingenuity! In this guide, we present the 50 best home hacks that will transform your daily life. From organization tips to cleaning solutions and decor ideas to money-saving tricks, these hacks are designed to simplify your routines and enhance your living space. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or new to homemaking, get ready to discover the secrets that will turn your house into a haven of smart living. Let’s dive into the 50 best home hacks that will make your life easier.

1. Clean Your Cutting Board With a Lemon

Baking soda, vinegar and cut lemons on white wooden table, flat lay
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To avoid mold, don’t put your wooden cutting board in the dishwasher. Instead, clean it by sprinkling kosher salt and scrubbing with half a lemon to remove debris. Afterward, clean it again with dish soap and hot water, then let it air dry upright.

2. Clean Your Vacuum With a Seam-Ripper

Seam ripper isolated on white background
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Hair is a formidable force. Whether it comes from a human or your pets, this is especially the case for those who like to keep a neat and tidy home. So, a seam ripper is the best solution to get the hair out of the vacuum.

3. Fuzzy Socks Instead of Dryer Pads

Woman’s hand removing lint from fluff filter of the tumble dryer on blurred background of clothes dryer with washed clothing. Laundry processes, Cleaning and care concept. (close up, selective focus)
Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re having trouble locating Swiffer dry cloths in stores, try this alternative: slide inexpensive microfiber socks onto your dryer. They function almost as effectively by capturing dust, hair, and fuzz, plus they can be washed and reused.

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4. Coat Rack By Front Door

coat rack with 2 grey sweaters hanging on a white wall near a dark wooden door and view into boho bathroom
Credit: Shutterstock

Clutter can ruin many people’s concentration spans. This creates an air of frustration. So, to prevent additional unnecessary clutter, put a coat rack equipped with a handbag and shoe storage right by your front door.

5. Corn Starch to Clean Windows

Window cleaning.
Credit: Shutterstock

Mix two cups of hot water, two tablespoons of cornstarch, and one-quarter cup of vinegar. This solution will create the ultimate window cleaner. It is both eco-friendly and highly effective!

6. Keep the Vacuum’s Attachment Handy

A set of nozzles and a white cordless vacuum cleaner in a row on a blue background, free space. Top view
Credit: Shutterstock

People tend to forget about the extra attachments that come from the vacuum cleaner. A great way to combat this forgetfulness is to keep all the attachments visible and easily accessible.

7. Home Hacks like Using a Tennis Ball to Rub Out Scuff Marks

Tennis balls background
Credit: Shutterstock

To simplify this clever technique, create an ‘X’ cut in the ball and attach it to the top of a broomstick. Should you come across a scuff mark while sweeping, turn the broom around and gently rub away the scratch.

8. No-Shoe Home Hacks

Used shoes vs new shoes
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One of the best ways to keep your house clean is to ensure people understand the rules. Rule number one: No shoes allowed past the front door.

9. If the Vacuum’s Motor Get’s Louder, Switch it Off

Close Up Shot of a Young Beautiful Woman in Jeans Shirt and Shorts Vacuum Cleaning a Carpet in a Bright Cozy Room at Home
Credit: Shutterstock

We get it; it can be seriously annoying to have to switch off the vacuum when you only have a few square meters left to clean. However, you might risk overheating the motor if you continue to vacuum when the motor gets louder and louder. Consider it like a warning alarm.

10. DIY Whiteboard

Empty picture in frame shabby chic, vintage style. Scandinavian style home interior decoration
Credit: Shutterstock

Instead of buying an expensive whiteboard, place a frame around a laminated piece of cardboard. This creates the perfect surface to write notes on with your whiteboard markers.

11. Cleaning Schedule Home Hacks

Small bucket and mop on the calendar. Concept of general cleaning
Credit: Shutterstock

This home hack is great for a collaborative family where everyone puts in their effort. Or, maybe for the house full of students. Everyone has a day to clean various things. No one gets left cleaning up after everyone.

12. Clean Your Cabinets Daily

Beautiful woman in protective gloves cleaning kitchen cabinet
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You might be surprised and disgusted to know how much dirt your kitchen cabinets gather every day. So, to reduce the grimy appeal, give them a wipe-down every day. These home hacks work like a charm.

13. Add Baking Soda to Carpets to Eliminate odor

Woman hand pouring baking soda Sodium bicarbonate in long hair fur carpet for cleaning and stain removal. Natural home cleaners concept.
Credit: Shutterstock

Do your carpets smell a little fugly? Maybe one too many coffees spilled, or maybe your pets have lodged their smell into them, so much so it feels like you’ll never get that smell out. Well, sprinkle some baking soda onto the carpet, and then let it sit for a few hours. After, you can vacuum it right up.

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14. Lemons Should be Stored in the refrigerator

Smiling woman taking a fresh lemon out of the fridge, healthy food concept
Credit: Shutterstock

Are the lemons in your house not lasting long enough? Well, a great home hack to prolong their lifespan is to store them in the fridge. They like a cool temperature.

15. To-Do Lists For Home Ideas

Coffee cup and notebook with to do list on blue rustic desk from above, planning and design concept
Credit: Shutterstock

It’s so easy to forget all the fantastic ideas you come up with daily. Especially when it comes to home decor designs, make a To-Do list for each room. That way, when you finally have some free time for decorating, you know exactly what you want to do.

16. Bulk Buying Cleaning Detergents

House cleaning product on wood table
Credit: Shutterstock

The penny-pinchers might enjoy this home home hack! To save money, try buying your cleaning products in bulk.

17. Remove Carpet Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Close-up Of Person Hand Cleaning Carpet With Detergent Spray Bottle
Credit: Shutterstock

Even the toughest stains won’t stand a chance against hydrogen peroxide. This strong chemical is the best thing for those stained carpets.

18. Using Vinegar to Descale Your Showerhead is a Great Home Hack

Credit: Shutterstock

Put some vinegar into a bag and secure that around your shower head. Make sure the shower head is submerged in the vinegar. Before you know it, your shower head will look descaled and feel brand new again!

19. Squeegee Your Shower

close up cleaning shower glass door with squeegee
Credit: Shutterstock

It’s time to introduce the trusty squeegee. This humble tool offers a quick and efficient solution to prevent soap scum, water spots, and grime buildup on surfaces, particularly glass shower doors and tile walls.

20. DIY Kitchen Floor Clear

Full length photo of asian ethnicity housewife general cleaning disinfecting all surfaces infection safety hold mop clean floor wear gloves apron t-shirt jeans stand kitchen indoors
Credit: Shutterstock

Clean your floors without breaking the bank. Mix baking soda, water, and a little kitchen soap in a bucket. Then, dip your mop in the solution and start cleaning!

21. De-Clutter, Then Organize

Before After Messy Room Declutter And Clearing
Credit: Shutterstock

Organizing cannot commence unless you have de-cluttered the space around you. You need to remove the items that don’t belong in that area of the house; then you can begin to organize it effectively.

22. Clean Your HVAC Filter Regularly

Man opening ceiling air vent to replace dirty HVAC air filter. Home air duct system maintenance for clean air.
Credit: Shutterstock

Keeping your HVAC filters clean and dust-free is the best solution to prolong the life of your HVAC system. Additionally, it ensures you are breathing in clean air!

23. Pet Hair and Rubber Gloves Home Hacks

Hand cleaning dog fur from sofa
Credit: Shutterstock

Having a pet at home is one of the most comforting things on the planet. However, their fur can seriously tick some people off. So, put on some rubber gloves and use those to clean away the fur. It works like a charm

24. Clean Shower Curtains in the Washing Machine

a hand pulling back a shower curtain revealing a shower head with water on horizontal shot
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A dirty shower curtain is not only gross but can be embarrassing when guests visit. This home hack will help you immensely. Simply take down the curtain and run it through the washing machine!

25. Do Not Use Lemon Cleaners on Granite

New Kitchen
Credit: Shutterstock

This comes with a strong warning. Lemon might smell fresh and have a delightful nack for cleaning most surfaces. But granite is not one of them. Avoid using any lemon-based cleaning solutions with your kitchen or bathroom granite surfaces.

26. Adjust the Shelves of your Bookshelf

Wooden bookcase in interior of modern living room
Credit: Shutterstock

This nifty home hack will make your bookshelf seem like you had a designer craft it, especially for you! For example, you might turn one of the shelves on its side.

27. Replace Your HVAC Filter When Needed

Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes, a good old clean is not going to do the job. Maybe you left the cleaning too late, and the dust improved the HVAC system. According to our home hacks, we suggest you replace the filter as soon as possible.

28. Put Vaseline Around your Nails Before Painting Them

Nail Care And Manicure. Closeup Of Beautiful Female Hands Applying Transparent Nail Polish On Healthy Natural Woman's Nails In Beauty Salon. Manicurist Hand Painting Client's Nails. High Resolution
Credit: Shutterstock

Using a cotton swab, outline your nails with Vaseline. Paint normally, let them dry, then wash your hands and watch stray polish come off with the Vaseline. It’s not quite a home hack, but it makes your beauty routine easier.

29. Don’t Put it Down, Put it Away

The European blond boy teenager brings wardrobe order, puts everything in its place, hides things in boxes. Wardrobe with women's, men's and child's clothing. Closet.
Credit: Shutterstock

This one is a trick for most people—especially the neurodivergent portion of our population. Instead of putting things down, try to remember to pack it away. Clutter is no one’s friend.

30. Don’t Bunch Up your Utensils in the Dishwasher

Front view of open automatic stainless steel built-in fully integrated top control dishwasher range machine with clean utensils, cutlery, glasses, dishes, plates inside in modern home kitchen
Credit: Shutterstock

this should be common sense. However, many people seem to be culprits of utensils cramming their dishwashers. Especially when they’re in a rush. So, our home hacks suggest you space the utensils to ensure the water and soap can get between them.

31. Use Caulk!

Close up an element of the door's molding
Credit: Shutterstock

If custom moldings are beyond your budget, you can create the illusion of custom work with store-bought pieces and caulk. By filling gaps with caulk, you enable them to adapt to weather changes and achieve a seamless look between the pieces.

32. Keep Wrapping Paper Tubes Together With Toilet Roll Inner

rolls of colorful wrapping paper isolated on white
Credit: Shutterstock

Wapping paper has a knack for unraveling itself easily. To keep them organized once they’ve been opened, stick them inside the inner of a toilet roll. The cardboard is the perfect width for most wrapping papers.

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33. Reusable Wipes With an Old T-Shirt

Smiling senior man show wearing white t-shirt on wooden background
Credit: Shutterstock

If you have an old T-shirt, do not throw it away! Instead, cut it into squares, then place it in a jar that you’ve filled with cleaning detergent. That way, they become reusable wipes! This is far better for the environment.

34. The 20-Minute Test is the Ultimate Home Hack

Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service
Credit: Shutterstock

If you cannot tidy a room within 20 minutes, it’s a clear sign of excess clutter. In such a scenario, set a timer to measure your cleanup progress. Once the timer expires and clutter remains, it’s a clear signal to consider donating some stuff.

35. 6-Month Test

Donation Concept. Woman holding a Donate Box with full of Clothes
Credit: Shutterstock

Clothes are such a clutter trap. Some people tend to buy things on a whim and never wear them. So, the 6-month test is one of those annoyingly great home hacks. If you have not worked on something in 6 months, donate it to someone who will cherish it.

36. Home Hacks To Avoid Dust Mites

green pillow and blanket with wrinkle messy on bed in vintage wooden bedroom with lighting upper left side, from sleeping in a long night winter.
Credit: Shutterstock

This one might mess with the neat freak’s mind a little. Did you know that it’s unadvisable to make up your bed the moment you wake up? Well, it’s true. Dust mites tend to gather unless you airdry your sheets for at least an hour after you get out of bed.

37. Put an Old Candle in Your Linnen Cupboard

Burning candle with aroma sticks in bottle on tray with open book in bed over glowing Christmas lights close up. Cozy atmosphere at home. Good morning. Selective focus.
Credit: Shutterstock

Everyone loves reaching for a towel in the linen cupboard and having it smell amazing. An old candle might not want to burn properly anymore, but its scent is not useless.

38. DIY Shopping Bag Dispenser

Plastic container with cleaning wipes
Credit: Shutterstock

This home hack is too great not to try out! Use an old container that is used to store cleaning wipes. Instead of throwing it away, you can store your reusable shopping bags.

39. Teach Your Children Storage Habits

woman on the phone pickign up kids toys
Credit: Shutterstock

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to teach your kids about de-cluttering at a young age. Give them their storage containers and show them how to pack their toys away in the appropriate boxes.

40. Rub Baking Soda Onto Mattress

Hand cleaning surface of mattress on bed with brush and baking soda. Ecological cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Hands in gloves do Mattress chemical cleaning. Copy space.
Credit: Shutterstock

your mattress might be the least visible aspect of your bed. However, just because you’ve covered it in sheets does not mean the germs do not exist. Clean it by scrubbing baking soda onto the surface.

41. Weatherstrip Your Windows

serviceman weather-stripping the home window
Credit: Shutterstock

Winter evenings can be torturous if your windows are letting in a cold draught. So, make sure you add in some weatherstripping to prevent the chill!

42. Home Hacks to Clean Your Car’s Drink holder

car in cup holder coffee cup, modern car interior
Credit: Shutterstock

Everyone hates it when the drink holder in their car gets all grimy. These can be the toughest areas to clean properly. But, if you place a sock over your cup and put that inside the drink holder, you can twist it around to clean that space efficiently.

43. Baking Soda and Vinegar as a Drain Cleaner

pour a spoon of baking soda and a glass of vinegar respectively into the drain of sink, kitchen tips for effectively get rid of unpleasant smells
Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes, the chemical drain cleaners are just too expensive. Moreover, many people prefer not to use such harsh chemicals. So, use some baking soda and vinegar instead. This home hack can even be used to clean the gunk off a grimy frying pan.

44. Dust First, Vacuum After

beautiful woman dusting shelves at home
Credit: Shutterstock

Some people like to get the heaviest job done first. However, if you dust after vacuuming, you just put more dirt onto the floor you cleaned.

45. Keep Curtains Closed to Keep Fabrics Color From Fading

closed curtains room
Credit: Shutterstock

Sunlight is the death of all vibrant fabrics. The color pigments do not stand a chance to survive if they’re always exposed to sunlight. This home hack suggests that you should keep the curtains closed when you’re not home.

46. Toothpaste Marks the Spot

Mother and daughter hanging pictures and photos at home.
Credit: Shutterstock

Some people struggle to put the nail in the right place for their artwork to hang. So, this home hack suggests you place some toothpaste on the spot so you know where the pin should go.

46. Vinegar to Clean Your Microwave

cleaning microwave oven
Credit: Shutterstock

Dirty microwave? No matter. These home hacks suggest you use some vinegar to clean it. Vinegar is a powerful detergent, and it also helps to eliminate unwanted smells.

47. Coconut Oil to Treat Food Cutting Board

Bottle of coconut oil and fresh coconuts with palm leaf on wooden board over brown background. Coconut natural cosmetics.
Credit: Shutterstock

While you may take good care of your skillets, are you giving your wooden cutting boards the same attention? Dimmick recommends using coconut oil on wooden cutting boards to keep the wood in optimal condition and maintain its health.

48. Avoid Disposable Dusters

Woman cleaning and wiping the table with microfiber cloth in the living room. Woman doing chores at home. Housekeeping concept.
Credit: Shutterstock

Anything disposable has a negative impact on the environment. In light of the global warming crisis and the ever-growing landfills, using a microfiber cloth is a wiser choice for dusting than those disposable dusting wipes!

49. Store Hairties With a Carabiner

Isolated carabiner on white background
Credit: Shutterstock

Those pesky hair ties will never go missing if you keep them all grouped together properly. So, use a carabiner to make sure they never escape!

50. Use an Icecube Tray to Store Jewelry

Plastic tray for producing square ice cubes
Credit: Shutterstock

Jewelry sure has a habit of getting misplaced. Or worse, tangled together. So, this home hack suggests you use an ice cube tray to store all your jewelry.

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