Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

AI creates what ‘average person’ looks like in each US state and sparks outrage

AI has been a part of our lives for quite some time now. But in recent years, there has been a significant surge in exploring its capabilities and uncovering the extraordinary creations it can produce. From witnessing beloved animated characters spring to life to encountering astonishingly lifelike food images, we have marveled at the potential of AI.

However, the time has come to delve into the realm of ‘the average person’ and witness what this technology can conjure up.

It is common knowledge that the concept of an ‘average person’ is flawed, as each individual is unique. However, societal stereotypes, fashion trends, and local customs still persist. And it is these elements that have seemingly sparked the imagination of AI in creating its own idea of the ‘average American’ human from specific US states.

Recently, a Redditor shared a fascinating collection of AI-generated images on the Reddit thread r/midjourney. These images were intended to represent “the most stereotypical person in [state name],” as per the post’s caption.

Presumably, the Redditor provided this prompt to the AI program, and the chosen states were Texas, California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, and Maine. The results of this prompt are undeniably intriguing. And it is difficult to know where to begin when looking at them.

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So what does the average American look like?

Let’s start with Texas, where our AI-generated image portrays a gentleman embracing a distinctive ‘cowboy’ aesthetic. He is adorned with a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, a brown shirt neatly tucked into blue jeans, and a prominent belt buckle- embodying the essence of Texan style.

Moving on to California, we encounter a representation that exudes a vibrant ‘flower-power’ vibe. The AI-generated individual sports flowing long hair that dance in the gentle breeze. Complemented by oversized sunglasses and a colorful floral shirt, capturing the essence of California’s laid-back culture.

Next on the list of the ‘average American’… Colorado!

Now, let’s venture into Colorado, where the focus shifts to a different kind of plant. Our AI creation features a woman perched atop what appears to be a mountain peak adorned with flourishing marijuana plants. This depiction intriguingly reflects the association of Colorado with its legalized cannabis industry and the natural beauty of its landscapes.

Our next stop takes us to Florida, where the AI-generated image presents a man sporting a long white beard. He stands on a road, donning long blue shorts, a loose-fitting pink shirt, and a sunhat, capturing a casual, relaxed Floridian style.

Continuing our journey to Oregon, we encounter a representation of a woman characterized by short greyish-blue hair. This depiction showcases a unique and possibly alternative aesthetic, reflecting the diverse and unconventional spirit often associated with the state of Oregon.

These AI-generated images offer glimpses into the perceived appearances and fashion choices influenced by regional characteristics. Each depiction adds its distinct touch, contributing to the intriguing variety of AI interpretations.

As we journey to Maine, a state renowned for its delectable lobsters, the AI-generated representation of the average American takes a delightfully unexpected turn. Our AI man stands proudly, sporting a hat adorned with an actual lobster perched atop it.

While one might question the notion of this being truly ‘average,’ it captures Maine’s famous crustacean essence and adds a touch of whimsy to the image. As I have not personally visited Maine, I cannot confirm the accuracy of this portrayal. But it certainly adds a unique and memorable element to the AI-generated collection.

It didn’t end there though…

After the AI-generated images were shared online, they evoked a variety of responses ranging from mixed reactions to intrigue and requests for more. One Reddit user expressed outrage, asserting that the original poster had intentionally chosen unflattering prompts for the states perceived as politically conservative.

On the other hand, an individual from Maine voiced their dissatisfaction with the depiction. Humorously requesting that dead lobsters not be plastered all over everything. Despite the criticism and jest, numerous comments expressed a genuine curiosity, urging for additional AI-generated images representing even more states.

The creations succeeded in capturing people’s attention and generated a desire to explore the AI’s interpretation of various regional stereotypes and characteristics. The demand for further AI-generated depictions reflects the fascination and intrigue sparked by these initial portrayals.

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