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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

Airbnb backlash: Travelers upset with chore lists that tell guests to mow the lawn, do the laundry, and take out the trash — on top of paying $125 cleaning fees

When holiday time comes, one does not usually consider having to clean up after themselves. Although, from time to time, you meet a host who expects a little more from their guests than usual. Many tourists are now speaking up about the list of chores they are given when they check in, on top of the cleaning fee they pay when the Airbnb is booked. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, travelers are becoming frustrated at the hilariously long chore lists that are being forced upon guests, with some reporting hosts are even asking guests to mow the lawn even with a $125 cleaning fee.

Guests were expected to mow the lawn
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Airbnb, exceptional or extortionate?

Let’s say you were staying in a hotel. You leave the room to go on your daily adventures, and come back to a neat and tidy room. Beds made and clean towels replacing the used ones. Provided you put the correct sign on your door. Airbnb is a different story.

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Airbnb works differently from a hotel
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When one books their stay at an Airbnb, one often forgets that the destination is privately owned, and isn’t run by a big corporation. Some of the places are amazingly beautiful and highly sought-after. However, there is one thing that has started bugging a lot of the renters. On top of the cleaning fee, which an be over $100. There is a list of household chores they must complete before they leave.

Not only were they expected to change the linens or runs the dish washer, but one user even reported having to mow the lawn. Their Airbnb hosts left them with a list of instructions on how to do it as well. They posted about this on Reddit, under the username, u/ThisGoogleLooksWeird They asked if other people had similar experiences, and their thoughts on the matter.

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Booking your stay with Airbnb
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u/ThisGoogleLooksWeird wrote: “I’m not wholly opposed to doing the lawn, but is it normal for a host to tell the guest to mow the lawn themselves? Seems like a strange response given the premium being paid for staying here (to me, at least), but if that’s standard then I’ll roll with it. I just don’t want to be penalized/charged/poorly reviewed for “neglecting” the lawn if I don’t do it.

The responses

There were many responses on the post, from both hosts an guests of Airbnb. One of the hosts, AustynCunningham, replied to the thread saying they would take care of the lawn in their own rental. “[I] Agree I’ll manage yard care during long term stays,” they said. “The only exception is I’ve had guests message me and say they’d happily take care of the lawn as he enjoyed doing yard work (they sold their house and we’re staying in mine while the closed on their new house). However, I’d never expect a guest to take care of my lawn.”

Another user,ctruss53, said: “F*** that. You are a guest paying for a place to stay. You should not be responsible for maintenance at all.” Meanwhile, another user, mrsrobinson1965, echoed that response: “Hell no they shouldn’t have YOU mow the lawn! I have yard people who do it and I inform guests when they will come.

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Other users seemed to think it is unwise of the host to make guests mow the lawn because the guest might get hurt in the process. “Your host is an idiot,” said user DebbsSeattle. “That is a huge liability for them. If you were to so much as sprain your ankle, they got big bills to pay. If you were to chop off a finger or a toe??? You would probably own their house. Call their city hall and report their grass height!” Another user, PoopInToilet, seemed to agree. They commented: “1: Mow lawn 2: Get injured 3: ??? 4: Profit”

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