Women Fed-Up With Beauty Standards Proudly Flaunt Their Pubic Hair

In a world where women are expected to shave their pubic hair, some women have decided enough is enough! They have started uniting in solidarity. Their mission is to end the stigma against females showing their truest form of humanity, the hair that grows on their legs, underarms, and nether regions, with or without their consent. For too long, they have been subjected to grueling grooming measures, and they cannot be bothered with that anymore.

Publicize Pubic Hair

This is surely the best time to be born a woman. There are far fewer restrictions on what they can and cannot do, from the ability to vote for president, not having to be stay-at-home mothers, and in particular, not having to shave their pubic hairs every morning. Ladies, it is time to put down those razors because, for quite some time now, women from across the globe have decided there is nothing wrong with the hairs that grow on their bikini line. If the fashion world wants them to wear skimpy swimsuits, then they must bare with what comes with the natural body.

If you are a beach bum, then you might already be aware of this phenomenon. Of course, there are still those who prefer a clean bikini line. But if you are one of those free-flowing females who wish to battle the so-called norms of society, the beach is your best battleground. There, you can admire many other women who share the same determination to rid the world of ridiculous expectations. However, it is becoming apparent that the latest trend and beach aesthetic is untamed armpit hair.

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Celebrities Joining In

There’s nothing quite like a self-love and body-boosting movement—especially one where a few social media influencers join in the fun. Sarah Puhto and Bella Davis are two body-accepting Instagram influencers who have made names for themselves by flaunting their natural beauty to their followers. They have posted pictures of themselves completely unshaven. But they are clearly loving life, and the urge their followers to do the same.

The pair seems to have partnered up for this body-accepting campaign. They posted a photo of themselves in bikinis with their pubic hair out on display. The text overlay reads: “You don’t have to be hairless to go to the beach.”

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In both of their posts, they captioned it saying: “It’s your personal choice to shave, wax or grow your body hair. There’s no wrong way for your body to look. You don’t owe anyone a smooth, bump-free, hairless body! Don’t let your body hair or razor bumps hold you back from wearing the bikini. From being intimate or from making precious memories! You deserve to see body hair and bumpy bikini lines represented in the media. Because you deserve to feel seen, empowered, and a little less alone in your body.”

Comments of Pubic Hair Approval

Naturally, there were many comments from people who were shocked over the outright display of their pubic hair. However, many women adored their confidence. One person commented: “My 2 favorite self-love girlies! I saw an amazing video of a mosquito trying to bite a human through their leg hair. It couldn’t! All bodies are meant to grow hair.”

Another wrote: “Seeing posts about body hair like this always means so much to me since I have a lot of body hair and it’s just nice to know that I’m not alone”

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