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Jade Small
March 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

People Share What They Think Are the Biggest Mistakes in Human History

Humanity has been through a lot since the dawn of civilization. So many things went wrong, and necessary actions were not taken. It is interesting to look back and see the moments when people made huge mistakes that changed the course of history, no matter how mundane it seemed at the time. We have made a compilation of some of the greatest mistakes made throughout human history.

1. History was made

Adolph Hitler
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Adolph Hitler was definitely the world’s least popular human during and after WW2. The holocaust definitely did not earn him any favors. In 1914, Adolph Hitler was just a young soldier. He was found lying wounded in a ditch. Just think, had he decided to shoot him there and then, so much brutality could have been avoided.

2. History and nature

Mao Zedong
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Mao Zedong, one of China’s communist leaders thought he knew how to manipulate nature in order to boost the farming produce. He ordered the extermination of sparrows in China because their food source was the grain they were farming. Although, he didn’t consider the fact that the sparrows ate insects too. Thus, an insect infestation took place after the sparrows were nearly wiped out. They ate through most of the grain and the people of China starved.

3. The history of Mars orbiters

A basic human error
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Engineers from Lockheed-Martin helped design the Mars orbiter because they used the metric system for measurements instead of the imperial, which was commonly used by the NASA team. This made it blind in space as it could not receive coordinates.

4. The slave trade

Slave trade
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Slavery is definitely the shame of humanity. The part of our history we shall never make up for. Capturing and enslaving other humans for our own benefit is never excusable.

5. Doubting J.K Rowling

Humans decided not to publish Harry Potter
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Yes, that’s right. J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter went through 12 different publishing houses before Bloomsbury finally decided it was worth printing. Every one of those companies must haven seriously regreted their decision when it became a global sensation.

6. Google’s history

Google was rejected at first
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Google is the leading search engine of today’s world. Although, it wasn’t always the case if you look back at its history. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided they wanted to sell Google to Excite CEO George Bell for $1million. However, at the time Bell thought it was not worth his time so he backed out of the deal. He refused to budge when Page and Brin dropped their selling price to $750,000. Today, however, Google is worth $365 billion.

7. An Australian history

Australia was overlooked in history
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Did you know that the dutch reportedly sailed past Australia before England? Well, they did, but instead of checking it out they decided to carry on. Basically, they didn’t think much of the land.

8. We could have avoided WW1 and wW2

War in history could have been avoided
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When Archduke Fraz Ferdinand was assassinated, it sparked a series of events that led to World War One. imagine if his driver had decided to take a different route on the day he was killed. The world might be a very different place.

9. Industrial revolution

Birmingham industrial revolution
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When one thinks back in history to the industrial revolution, one might argue it was a great thing because of where we are with technology today. However, if we did things differently we might not be fighting to save our planet.

10. A trade history

Genghis Kahn made history in battle
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Gengis Kahn is one of the most notorious leaders in history. He was a particularly volatile man who had a thirst for battle. When he offered to open a trade line between Monglia and a neighboring Khwarezmid empire, they refused. This angered Kahn, who decimated the empire by sending over 200,000 soldiers to attack.

11. Accepting the trojan horse

Greek and Trojan history
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Troy was an unreachable city in its heyday. That is until the Greeks found a way to get inside the walls. They [pretended to abandon their battle and the trojans found a deserted camp where the army had been. They did find a massive wooden trajen horse, which one of their captives convinced them was a gift for te Gods. Trojan soldiers pulled the Greeks right inside the gates and they attacked from the inside.

12. Lost history in library

Library of Alexandria
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The library of Alexandria was said to be one of the largest collection of books in its era. Among them all were hundreds of books that contained pieces of information we will never get back today. This is because the library burnt down.


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