Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
October 22, 2023 ·  2 min read

A billionaire couple has donated $1 million every week this year. Here’s where the money is going

 A couple from Boston named Rob and Karen Hale have always been big on making sizable donations to charities. This year though, they’ve set a new goal and are well on their way to making great strides to change the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. 

The Plan. 

        The Hales have been long-time, generous, philanthropists and this year they’ve decided to do something even more incredible than donations they’ve made previously. The Billionaire couple plans to donate $1Million a week to a non-profit. Their expectation is to have donated $52 million to 52 charities by the end of the year. 

From Where Did the Resources Come? 

       Rob Hale is part owner of the Boston Celtics and President of Granite Telecommunications. The company was founded in 2002 and has made great strides in technology and communications. They offer nationwide voice and data packages to businesses with a goal to make communication easy and cost-effective. They provide a fiber-based networking solution with custom options to suit individual business’ needs.

They take pride in their ability to provide their services to “multi-tenant buildings”. For example, places like college campuses and hospitals as well as many more! What makes the company so incredible is its drive to also do charitable works. In the last 10 years or so the company has raised and donated more than $47 million to Cancer Research.

When interviewed by Forbes, Rob said,”These are great, impactful organizations, but they’re on a wing and a prayer. They have no financial certainty.” Due to the impacts of Covid, everything the whole world seems to be in disarray and short on funds to continue to thrive. The Billionaire and his wife have decided to give back in a big way. 

A Plan in Action. 

     In order to meet their goals of donating an average of $1 million per week the billionaire couple has been hard at work. They wrote the first check, in March, to the Wildlife Center of New England. By the end of September the billionaires donated $28.5 million to 29 nonprofits. They’re not discriminating and trying to help as many causes as possible, from environmental to health issues. The shakes have 11 more organizations they’re set to donate to meaning they still have 12 more to decide on before the end of December. 

Life comes with varying challenges, but is nonetheless challenging for everyone. They say money doesn’t buy happiness and that is to some extent true. Money does however provide a safety net or a number of options to those struggling. There is something really special, maybe even magical, about when a billionaire or someone with extra resources uses that to make life easier for the world, those around them, or those in need. 


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