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Sean Cate
April 30, 2024 ·  3 min read

Biohacker Who Used Son’s Plasma to as ‘Anti-Aging Treatment’ Shares Update That He’s ‘Transitioning’

Biohacker Bryan Johnson, known for his unconventional methods in combating aging, recently gave an update regarding his journey towards reversing his age.1 The Texan software developer has invested millions in his pursuit to “not die”, and has garnered attention for his alternative and “innovative” approaches to staying young. Johnson notoriously started infusing himself with his son’s plasma last year in a bid to rejuvenate his body.

Mr Johnson: Biohacker

Johnson has named his endeavor “Project Blueprint”, and it includes a regimen of specific diet, exercise, sleep routines, and various medical interventions, all of which are standard biohacker points to improve. Despite experiencing setbacks like the discontinuation of using his son’s plasma (due to a perceived lack of benefits), he remains determined to defy the aging process.

Bryan Johnson progress
Image Credit: @bryan_johnson | X

He recently posted a series of photos on X documenting his transformation from 2018 to 2024. While the images do show changes in his appearance, like a slimmer face, a more defined jawline, and darker hair, these can also be explained by the simple diet, exercise, and healthier living regimen employed. Johnson humorously remarked, “Even my Face ID is confused. I’m transitioning,” while discussing the changes he’s gone through.2

Seeking validation from his followers (we all do it, we’re not judging), Johnson conducted a poll to see where in his journey his perceived peak has been so far. While the majority favored how he looked in 2018, Johnson remains undeterred. The biohacker looked to the future with optimism, teasing speculations about how he might look in 2049, to the delight of his audience.

Is He a Bio-Hack?

When online commenters inquired about potential plastic surgery, Johnson made it clear that his transformation has solely been the result of his approach to anti-aging. He categorically denied any surgical enhancements, but it must have felt nice to know that your transformation is so successful that people think you had plastic surgery done. His commitment to maintaining a youthful image is unquestionable, with considerable resources invested into achieving the look of an 18-year-old.

Despite skepticism and criticism, the biohacker remains resolute in his quest for eternal youth. While acknowledging that there will be more challenges and uncertainties along the way (such is the nature of his unconventional methods), Johnson continues to push the boundaries of what is seemingly possible when it comes to longevity.

When asked to reflect on the journey thus far, Johnson remains optimistic about the potential for future breakthroughs in anti-aging and biohacker research. While his approach may seem radical to some, the unwavering determination in Johnson’s approach serves as a testament to the possibilities of human ingenuity, even in the face (heh) of aging.

Bryan Johnson’s ongoing saga of a biohacker “transition” should be kept as a captivating reminder and narrative of ambition, innovation, and the pursuit of youth. As he defies conventional wisdom and challenges the limits of science, we are invited to ponder the implications of his experiments together. Whether he achieves immortality remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Bryan Johnson’s journey is far from over.

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