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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 23, 2021 ·  3 min read

Blue dogs seen roaming near abandoned Russian chemical factory

I have seen many strange things in my life, but blue dogs are not one of them, till now! These blue dogs have been seen roaming the land in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk. About 230 miles from Moscow. Animal rights groups assume that exposure to harmful chemicals may be the cause of the blue tint.

The Moscow Times reported that the nearby factory produced Plexiglas and hydrocyanic acid, which is hydrogen cyanide dissolved in water. Hydrogen cyanide is very dangerous and extremely poisonous. 

How did the dogs turn blue?

It is unclear why the dogs are blue. However, officials are investigating.

Moreover, the blue dogs may have been dyed with other chemicals like copper sulfate, a bright blue inorganic compound used in many industrial processes. 

The dye on their fur implies they had direct contact with or even ingestion of potentially toxic or harmful substances.”

Kelly O’Meara of the Humane society International Vice President 

Animal experts who have studied the blue dogs say that they have not yet suffered any adverse effects, but that doesn’t mean they won’t experience some sort of reaction in the future.[1]

blue dogs

Further investigation

Consequently, the chemical exposure could result in painful itching or burning of the skin or internal bleeding that could lead to death without veterinary intervention.

Seven of the dogs were taken in for examination. The director of the veterinary clinic, Vladimir Groisman, told the news outlet RBC that “the general analysis of their blood and feces showed normal levels for all of them including their biochemistry”  two dogs have already been adopted and the rest will be kept until they do.

Groisman said that he didn’t think the dogs had been caught and painted but that rather they had been stained by chemical residue. In 2017 a picture taken in India depicting a pack of bright blue dogs circulated the internet. Consequently, investigations revealed that those dogs had been exposed to chloride illegally pumped into the river.

Further investigation into the cause of the most recent incident was launched by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources. The department told Newsweek that they planned to file legal action to allow regular spot inspections at the factory site.  

Municipal officials now have permits to enter the ground and try to clean it out and figure out exactly what caused the blue dogs to turn blue in the first place.[1]

Happy Ending for the blue dogs

According to the RIA Novosti report, the factory went bankrupt in 2015. Consequently, allowing the dogs to roam around the area. But, for now, the dogs have been taken to the vet for testing and are being looked after. Fortunately, two of the dogs have found new homes.

Additionally, The blue dogs have been taken to a shelter and are being treated. Thankfully, while some of them have been adopted, the others are getting better with time.

Hopefully, something like this does not happen again and that stray dogs came to roam freely without being harmed by toxic chemicals.[2]

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