Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 3, 2024 ·  4 min read

Boy Who Survived Body Getting Chopped in Half in Horrific Work Accident Has New Health Scare.

Our jobs take a toll on our bodies and minds, particularly so if we don’t feel appreciated or enjoy what we do. Most people feel as though they’re wasting their lives away working to benefit those in higher-up positions. It is partly because of these sacrifices, that work injuries seem to be intensely frustrating. Then comes the hassle of dealing with workers comp, taking time off work, and possibly dealing with surgery then more recovery time. Typically work injuries have varied outcomes, but for one young man, his injury changed the entire course of his existence. 

‘Loren’s nightmare isn’t over yet’

To Sum Up What Happened. 

Back in September 2019, a young man named Loren Schauers went to work as he always does. What started out as a normal day soon turned into a gruesome and possible life-threatening experience. He was driving a forklift but it veered off a bridge and fell 50 feet down a hill. He tried to jump off but was caught in the seatbelt. The forklift fell on top of him and the lower half of his body was stuck beneath it.

Remaining Conscious. 

 The body has several defense mechanisms, including going into shock when it goes through a highly traumatic experience. What makes Loren’s story even more remarkable is that he didn’t go into shock. Instead, he remained conscious through the whole experience process and felt every sensation his body experienced. Loren did eventually pass out, but not before witnessing a horrific scene.

When questioned about his accident Loren recalled “I was conscious the whole time. My eyes were wide open and I saw the forklift come down and land on my hips and my right forearm. I remember looking to my right with the forklift on top of my body and there was a big old piece of muscle from my arm just lying on the ground next to me. It had just blown apart instantly from the impact.”

Silver Lining.

Fortunately, his co-workers had been working in that area earlier so the ground was soft when he landed. This prevented his potential immediate death. ‘His wife Sabia said: “If the dirt hadn’t been messed with earlier, it would have been hard so Loren would have been cut in half and would have bled out before the air ambulance even got there. “The dirt being soft is what saved his life in that situation.”[1]  Upon his arrival at the hospital, Loren was given a to make. Doctors told him they could save his life but not the lower half of his body.  ‘The now 23-year-old said: “It wasn’t a hard choice to have half of my body amputated – it was basically a choice of living or dying.“’[1]  

It was touch and go for a while and his family and friends weren’t sure he’d pull through. After several months and with great difficulty he had recovered enough to resume a slightly normal life. He was facing an uphill battle to adapt and find a sense of normalcy. Loren managed to find a routine that worked for him and his, now, wife. Sabia’s devotion to him was unwavering through his recovery.

Following Along with His Recovery. 

Loren and his wife started a youtube channel so his supporters and those close to him could keep up with his journey to healing. Viewers have watched his videos and tracked the progress he’s made alongside him. However, life had other plans for this survivor. He shared in a video on August 25th, 2022, that he would be heading back to the hospital. He was admitted with what appears to be Sepsis. Sepsis also known as “blood poisoning” is a life-threatening infection that targets the bloodstream. Statistics show it to be more common in men and can last anywhere from several days to several weeks. It can be life-threatening if it goes untreated. Although there are treatment options, Loren will continue to struggle with this health concern due to the difficulties his body has already faced. 

Community Support is Invaluable.

Medical treatment in America is costly, even with insurance. The stress of paying medical bills can put a strain on one’s own mental health as well as on a new marriage. Given the amount of time Loren spent in the hospital and all that went into his treatment, his medical bills are outrageously high. There is a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising funds to supplement the cost of his treatment. Since the page’s start in 2019, members of Loren’s community have raised $90,000 toward his medical bills.

Life brings hardships to everyone, although few can truly grasp the hardships faced by Loren. As a result of his accident, he exercised strength, courage, and determination. The development of these skills will be imperative to making it through his battle against Sepsis. Loren’s recovery process will be inspiring and heartwarming, if not sometimes heart-wrenching. We are all wishing him a speedy recovery and the best possible future for himself and his wife Sabia.


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