Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 5, 2024 ·  1 min read

Chile is Home to a Spectacular 1,700-Mile Trail, Connecting 17 National Parks

Some of you may have already been tackling the most beautiful and long trails in North America. Now, you would be able to experience that even on the South American continent. A charity has opened up a new 1,740-mile hiking trail in Chile in 2021. This hiking trail goes all the way from Puerto Montt in the north to Cape Horn in the south. As per estimations, this trail connects close to 17 different national parks. Needless to say, one would get a beautiful vision of the Andes mountains, as well as a few volcanoes. 

Chile's Torres del Paine National Park - one of the 17 parks that the hiking trail connects.
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Chile’s New Hiking Trail Is A Sensation

This hiking trail carries the beautiful name: the “Route of Parks“. It is the result of the conservation efforts of Douglas Tompkins, who is the late founder of The North Face. His wife Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, who was the former CEO of Patagonia, had helped him. In their bid to create this trail, they purchased millions of acres in the beautiful country of Chile. It was their attempt to preserve it. Henceforth, Tompkins donated multiple swathes of land in 2017 to the Chilean government. The hope was that the land could be used to create new national parks for the country.

The executive director of Tompkins Conservation Chile- the company behind this hiking trail- Carolina Morgado, went on to state- “We want Chile to be internationally recognized for having the most spectacular scenic route in the world, and this becomes a benchmark for economic development based on conservation. The Route of Parks is a protected heritage of all Chileans, and its 17 national parks are a challenge and an opportunity, as much for the more than 60 communities that live near them as for those who visit them.

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