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West Virginia’s New Program Will Pay You $12,000 to Move There

Being a remote worker is becoming something of the norm, especially because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Often called “digital nomads,” those who can work online can also travel while doing so. Many digital nomads choose a life of backpacking and can still work thanks to combined workspaces and cafes. All they need is their laptop, and they are set to go! Now, places all over the world are trying to encourage digital nomads to choose them as their work destination, offering packages and deals if you do. Like for example, Ascend WV, who will pay you to move to West Virginia! Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more about this exciting idea![2]

Ascend WV will pay you to move to West Virginia

West Virginia may not have been on your travel list, but with this deal offered by Ascend WV, it just might be! The program offers remote workers a monetary package of $10,000 cash in their first year and an additional $2,000 in their second. To top it off, not only will the company pay you to move to West Virginia, you’ll get a free year’s worth of outdoor recreation. West Virginia happens to be a haven for outdoor enthusiasts from its 2032 miles of whitewater, 4000 rock-climbing routes, 1.5 million acres of public lands, 1500 miles of public trails, and the newest US national park, New River Gorge Park and Preserve.[1][2]


“With lush landscapes and roaring rivers, life in West Virginia is far from mundane. Break free of the urban confines of remote work and find a breath of fresh air in the mountains of West Virginia. To welcome you to your new home, we are offering some major incentives. We will pay you $12,000 to find a home among our hills and throw in a year of free outdoor recreation. Our free outdoor gear rentals will make lunch breaks a blast. Remote work from the mountains. It really is that simple!”

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The details

Obviously, for them to pay you to move to West Virginia, you must reside outside of West Virginia! Of course, you need to be at least 18 years of age as well. Also, you must be able to work remotely in the United States through a company located outside of the Mountain State. For more info, check out the View Terms & Conditions. In order to apply for this amazing opportunity, you should be someone who loves the outdoors and who enjoys a sense of community. Interested? You can apply online HERE.

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Ascend WV

Once your application has been submitted, the team at Ascend WV will analyze it. Those who score well in the analysis stage will be invited to partake in an online interview before deciding who will be chosen. Hurry, though, the first Ascend Morgantown application will be open until May 31, and interviews will begin being conducted the first week of June![1]

A man and woman hiking over rocks in West Virginia
Ascend WV

Ascend WV offers free co-working space and the ability to meet your new neighbors and network at a variety of exclusive social events. Those interested in building strong professional connections while in West Virginia will love the West Virginia University Remote Worker or Manager Certification courses and WVU’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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