Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 1, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘Most disturbing AI website on Internet’ can find every single picture that exists of you

The current world of technology is suddenly going through an overflow of AI websites. While most of them have helped humanity, there are certain websites that are quite scary. There are certain Chatbots who have also lent their strength to multiple conspiracy theories- with some stating that they want access to nuclear codes. Others have attempted to convince humans to leave their partners by claiming that they don’t really care or love each other. Recently, an individual created an AI copy of his voice and displayed how it could have been nefariously used to break into his bank account. All that was required was just a few personal details. 

Despite the apparent villainy possible through these AI, there is actually one AI website that has been decreed as the most disturbing on the Internet. The website, for those who are curious, is called PimEyes. The premise of this website is that you provide them with a photo of yourself, and it starts scouting the entire Internet to identify any pictures that are present of you online- which would allow you to see all the places where there are any snaps of you floating around. 

While some individuals believe it would be extremely helpful for one to control how their image is used and where others have called it a stalker’s dream. When a researcher decided to use this website to see how authentic it was, it showed a couple of pictures of the researcher, as well as a few images of people who had similar facial structures.

PimEyes Is An Example Of An AI Website That Can Go Both Ways

Also, it is extremely fast- much faster than personally and individually tracking down every single picture of you on the Internet. We should also remember that it was the free version of the website, which took about three seconds to track pictures- so one can only imagine how fast the premium version would be. With a fee associated, the site could do far more in-depth searches whilst providing links for every single place the pictures appeared- something that would be considered a pretty useful tool. 

One Twitter user complimented this AI website, stating, “I like PimEyes. The tool is controversial- but it is one of the best tools for finding who has used my face without my consent. I then send takedown notices.” On the other hand, another user stated, “This is a stalker’s dream.” Several others commented that this would be quite a useful and welcome way of using the site, with someone else reiterating the sentiment by stating that they had uploaded a picture of themselves as a kid, and the website had accurately identified all the images of themselves as an adult. Some users also commented that this website could be very useful for law enforcement with missing children reports. Still, others realized that the technology could be operated in a completely different direction as well. 

One Twitter user stated that she had uploaded a picture of herself recently, and the AI website used it to locate a picture of her on the Internet when she was 10 years old. Interestingly, the site can allow users to not be in other people’s searches, but they would need you to put up a scan of your passport or ID to verify that it is indeed you who is doing that.

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