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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
August 22, 2022 ·  5 min read

Dodge Unveils First Ever Electric Muscle Car As It Discontinues Iconic Gas-Powered Challenger And Charger

Dodge is a household name and has become even more so through famous portrayals in films like the Fast and the Furious. But in the world of rapidly developing electric vehicles, where does it stand? Apparently, the company brought out the design for its first electric muscle car. And let’s just say- it looks as tough as it’s supposed to . This news comes at the same time as the declaration that the other two gas-powered models will be discontinued. Dodge stated that the Charger and the Challenger models will go out of production in 2023. Although the sleek electric vehicle is still in its conceptual stage, the company believes it will turn out pretty amazing.[1] 

The first electric muscle car, according to Dodge, will be more powerful than the gas versions. The power will be pushed through from two different electric motors. Each of the motors will be set on an axle, and like a few electric vehicles, this will run on an 800V electrical system. It is also understood that the Charger Daytona SRT Concept EV will be featuring a multi-speed electromechanical gearbox. Referred to as eRupt, this will be controlled with a gear selector that is quite traditional. Interestingly, this electric car will not be quiet- but rather quite loud. 

The Electric Muscle Car for Dodge Looks Mean

Tim Kuniskis, the CEO of Dodge, recently mentioned, “This car, we believe, will redefine American muscle.” The concept electric muscle car definitely looks like a retro, yet futuristic version of the current Dodge Challenger. The similarities end at the muscular design- for the latest model is said to be more aerodynamic. Impressively, the front end of the car will be featuring a large opening for the air to pass through. This, the company has stated, is the ‘R-Wing’. This new development, along with the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust, is pending patent.[2] 

Dodge's newest electric muscle car - The Dodge Charge SRT Concept car.
Image Credits: Dodge

Usually, most automakers routinely make designs that they believe will spark some form of a reaction from their consumers. But the CEO of Dodge has mentioned that the design elements will be present in the production vehicle as well. He said, “This is not a science project. It looks like a Dodge, sounds like a Dodge, and drives like a Dodge.” The CEO has also mentioned that the production of electric muscle cars for 2024 will see a launch with three separate performance levels. Interestingly, the car has refused to release the performance metrics that the company expects. 

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A Host Of New Technologies

The new technologies that Dodge is trying to incorporate are going to retain the iconic sound. Also, it would be focusing on the driving characteristics of the current gas-powered Charger of the company. While most electric vehicles are fast with linear acceleration, they usually lack the driving dynamics that car owners relish. Kuniskis mentions, “We said, ‘Ok if it’s going to happen, let’s do it like Dodge. We’re not going to go there and do the same thing. Dodge is going to get lost if we try to do the same thing as everybody else.”[3]

To put it simply, the original Charger Daytona iconic sound was due to its combustion engine. In an electric car, this just isn’t the case, but the company believes that the target customer is looking for that sound, especially when it comes to muscle cars. According to Kuniskis, the customers want an electric muscle car that is all about fast acceleration. “We think we’re going to bring a car to market that customers didn’t see coming. But they’re definitely going to hear this one coming.” While the company hasn’t yet announced the amount of power that would be necessary to wheel this electric car, it is still going to be a lot. In their words, it would be faster than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. To put this in reference, the supercharged Hellcat goes from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just 3.7 seconds.

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A Front view of the concept electric muscle car.
Image Credits: Dodge

With This, The Company Can Discontinue Its Famous Gas-Powered Models

The electric muscle car that is still in its conceptual stage, does resemble a 1968 Charger. Nevertheless, the company has kept silent regarding the price tag of the production version of the car. After all, one would definitely feel like they were in the shoot for ‘Bullitt’, with Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang chasing them.[4]

With the introduction of the electric muscle car, it is now becoming ever more certain that the gas-powered versions are no longer going to be an option. Ever since the flagship brand received a rejuvenation in the middle of the new millennium- they have been the stalwarts for the new generation of gearheads. The Challenger, with its double doors, definitely struck a major chord of nostalgia with its buyers. The primary reason was definitely the retro-inspired styling. On the other hand, the four-door Charger did manage to achieve certain notable sales milestones. The company has also been able to get massive profits from these vehicles. The prices range from low-$30,000s and go all the way to $90,000. The last one would be the infamous Hellcat versions that function with over 700 horsepower. 

Stephanie Brinley of S&P Global stated, “Dodge, with the Challenger and Charger, they found a way to really get to that muscle car root. These cars definitely expressed it… and were able to hold onto that essence. Having that clear DNA and clear expression of what they’re supposed to be is helping make the transition to electric.” Needless to say, the future generation of gearheads would be quite excited to see what the electric muscle car delivers.

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