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Italian teen electrocuted to death in bath while on phone

Tragedy struck in Italy when a 16-year-old girl named Maria Antonietta Cutillo lost her life after accidentally dropping her phone in the bathtub while chatting with a friend. The incident occurred in Montefalcione, Avellino, where she was bathing in her parents’ residence.

Unfortunately, the mobile phone was charging at the time, and it fell into the water. Despite her parents being absent from the house, it’s reported that the teenager was electrocuted due to the incident. Upon arrival, emergency services found that the call had been abruptly disconnected and was called by Cutillo’s friend.

Italian teen Maria who was electrocuted while on a video call with her friend in the bathtub
Image Credit: Mariantonietta Cutillo / Facebook

Sadly, they discovered that she had died due to electrocution caused by the short-circuiting of her mobile phone, which had fallen in the bathtub while she was bathing. Cutillo’s parents were not present in the house at the time of the incident. Her body was subsequently taken for an autopsy at the Moscati hospital morgue in Avellino, Italy.

The friend, Fabi, reportedly identified herself on TikTok and recounted what she saw that day. “You flew to heaven my love, you left screaming my name during a video call. I will never ever forget that moment,” she said. I have your voice echoing in my head as you screamed my name, and I have the scene in front of my eyes, I have your big green eyes in front of me. All I have is your laugh in mind.”

Local media reports suggest that the parents of Maria Antonietta Cutillo were not at home at the time of the incident

The young girl’s grieving mother went public with a warning to other teenagers. Saying: “This must be a warning to other teenagers, because they all have their phones implanted in their hands. So to speak. We really have to insist: no phones in bathtubs because it can end so dramatically.”

According to sources, Cutillo’s father is a prominent figure in the regional capital of Irpinia, being the owner of a local butcher’s shop. The local police are currently investigating the incident. In a similar incident that occurred in 2020 in France, a schoolgirl named Tiffenn tragically lost her life after a charging phone fell onto her chest and slipped into the water while she was taking a bath at home in Marseille.

The 15-year-old was also electrocuted in that incident

The girl in France was rushed to Timone Hospital, but emergency crews were unable to revive her after her phone fell into the bath while it was charging in 2020. Similarly, a 13-year-old girl in Amsterdam suffered from electric shock after her smartphone fell into the bath while charging in 2019. The girl’s mother found her unconscious and immediately called for emergency services. After paramedics resuscitated the girl, she spent two days in the hospital with amnesia.

According to Dr. Sem Hardon, her injuries suggest that she was electrocuted by the 240V mains supply in the Netherlands. Dr. Hardon urged caution when using electrical devices in bathrooms and emphasized the need to avoid using electrical appliances or cords near water or in a wet environment.

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