Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 10, 2024 ·  4 min read

Hungry Elephant Flings Woman Into Air After Being Taunted With Banana

Wild animals are wild for a reason- they are unpredictable, and if one tries to mess with them, they usually end up in a whole load of trouble. Recently, a wild elephant flung a woman away after she kept teasing the giant animal with a banana but never gave it to him. Needless to say, the animal didn’t see the humor in the situation and threw her away to get rid of the distraction. The footage of the situation- which took place in an unidentified location in India- showed the unnamed woman holding up a banana before the mammal as it was trying to eat it. But when the woman snatched the banana at the last second, the elephant decided enough was enough and took revenge.

In a matter of seconds, the curious elephant became the behemoth it was capable of being, as it swung its trunk into the woman and launched her into the air backward. This incident created a backlash for the woman, as she knowingly teased the animal- and suffered the result. Susanta Nanda, who works with the Indian Forest Service, tweeted, “You can’t fool an elephant even though he is tamed. They are one of the most intelligent animals to be in captivity.” Although there were some individuals on Twitter that were concerned about the woman’s well-being, most of them condemned her for being reckless and foolish. 

Elephant Sends Woman Careening Behind After She Tries To Tease It With A Banana

One individual wrote, “Hope she survived the attack.” While another user commented, “Scary. Never ever disrespect any creature and intrude their rightful space.” Other individuals rebuked the woman for her stupidity, with one stating, “That surely did hurt. Fool.” A fourth person commented, “She deserved what she got.” It has been widely documented that elephants are astoundingly intelligent creatures, as footage has shown them peeling bananas with their trunks like humans. But they have also been known to wreak havoc amongst tourists and residents. There have been many reports of these giant animals trampling people to death, flipping cars over, and charging at others. Usually, though, they are gentle giants, with the added weight of thousands of pounds, and a sense of humor. 

One animal that doesn’t, in fact, have a sense of humor like the elephant and will definitely attack humans is the tiger- which did charge toward a group of tourists in India. Footage from a smartphone showed a massive tiger showing its displeasure at a party of tourists in what several users have said looked straight out of a Jumanji movie. This video was shared by an Indian forest official on Twitter, where it garnered around 158,000 views since its publication on Wednesday. This near-catastrophic incident took place in the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve in northern Uttarakhand state. While the tourists were indeed looking for the tiger, maybe they hadn’t envisioned it coming so close to them. 

Massive Tiger Snarls At Group Of Tourists At Corbett National Park

The video showed a massive Bengal tiger standing on the edge of the forest and roaring at the Jeep that was trying to move away as fast as possible. Initially, the beast was simply snarling at the tourists, trying to keep them away. But when it lost its already thin patience, it let out a roar and charged towards the car. The tourists, naturally, started shrieking in fear, while the guide tried to scare it away by screaming. The driver, who had stopped the car for everyone to see the tiger, decided it was wise to move away. The tiger, on seeing its dinner go away, gave chase, before aborting the plan and moving back into the forest.

Since tigers and elephants are not known to attack unless disturbed or provoked, most Twitter users blamed it on the tourists. One of them commented, “They don’t attack like this unprovoked. These tourists def shouted or gestured at the tiger to get this reaction! Such a**holes should never be allowed at such places!” Another individual stated, “It’s time to realize that we are visitors in their habitat. So be a courteous one. Wild animals need peace and space.” Some wildlife experts believe that the tiger chased the car because it definitely got quite startled by the presence of the safarigoers’. Harsha Narashimhamurthy, a professional wildlife photographer, went on to comment, “In this case, the tiger was maybe trying to cross the road and when these guys came too close, it was a sudden reaction of the tiger.

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