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Man Fell To His Death Moments After Taking Selfie With Girlfriend

We all have moments in our lives that we would like to capture in a selfie. But there can be times when doing so can result in tragedy. This is the sad tale of Andrea Mazzetto, who fell to his death after he tried to retrieve his phone. This Italian man was hiking with his partner Sara Bragante in Rotzo, when they decided to click a picture. While they were clicking it, his phone fell, and Mazzetto decided to bring it up. As it turns out, the hiker lost his balance and fell beyond the edge of the cliff- plummeting down 650 feet. Initially, it was reported that he had simply injured himself. This led to a huge rescue mission that involved a team of firefighters and a couple of helicopters on the site. Unfortunately, by the time they managed to reach him, he had already passed on. 

The last selfie after which Andrea dropped his phone.
Image Credits: @sara_bragante

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All For A Selfie

After this tragic death, his partner shared their last selfie on Instagram with the caption, “Our cursed last photo together. You will always be with me, my little bear.” Previously it was understood that Sara had dropped her phone- which Andrea was trying to retrieve. Later it was discovered that Andrea had dropped his own phone. According to local sources, this 30-year-old Italian man was quite a hard-working entrepreneur and a fitness aficionado who lived with his partner Sara in Rovigo. A friend mentioned, “He was sunny, generous, and with a great desire to live.


This isn’t the first time someone perished while trying to click a selfie. Just the previous year, an influencer died after plummeting 16 ft off a waterfall. The 32-year-old Sofie Cheung was visiting the Ha Pak Lai park in Hong Kong with her friends when the tragedy took place. She was taking photographs at the very edge of the waterfall when she slipped and fell 16 feet into the pool beneath the waterfall. After this unfortunate death, people went on social media to express their condolences. One person wrote, “I thought better days are coming with Saturday and Sunday? I will miss your chat every day. I love you always. Rest in peace my pretty Sofia.

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