Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 17, 2024 ·  2 min read

Five-Year-Old Performs Mountain Rescue Whilst Breaking Climbing Record

A five-year-old girl was recently lauded after she played quite an important part in a mountain rescue. During this operation, she also became the youngest person to climb the highest mountains in England, Wales, and Scotland. The young girl in question, Seren Isla Price, went on to complete the National Three Peaks Challenge on the 28th of December. Her energetic and brave effort also went on to raise around 800 pounds in the process. Incidentally, she had been hoping to complete the scaling of all three peaks at the same time, the peaks being Yr Wyddfa, Ben Nevis, and Scafell Pike, but she was subsequently delayed in the mountain rescue. 

When Seren and her dad Glyn were about to reach the peak of Ben Nevis, they discovered a group of individuals who had huddled around a woman- who was on the verge of being unconscious. Her dad stated, “She needed help going down the mountain, we called mountain rescue as she was quite fatigued and they were working their way up from the bottom.” With darkness falling in fast, Seren used her own climbing experience to help this lady pass through the ravines by being her torch. [1]

Seren Isla Price was hoping to complete the challenge in under 24 hours but played her part in a successful mountain rescue
Image Credit: Glyn Price

Kid Climber Helps In Rescue Operation While Scaling Welsh Peaks

Mr. Price further stated, “It took about two hours to get her down the zigzag path, down to the reservoir where the mountain rescue met us with the air ambulance. Seren was brilliant in the fact she gave Lucozade to the lady to help give her energy and was helping her down the mountain.” The young climber had been climbing mountains with her dad ever since she was three years old. Throughout her fledgling career, she has already scaled the three peaks in Wales and has completed a night trek up Pen y Fan where she braved temperatures that fall down to -10C. 

Image Credit: Glyn Price

The father of this young climber is definitely quite happy that his daughter shares his passion for climbing hills and mountains. He went on to add that it was she who wanted to break a record so they had decided to climb the three Welsh peaks in under 24 hours. But due to her heroic rescue operation, she was unable to complete the challenge. Nevertheless, it didn’t discourage them from actually completing the task- which they did. After they had scaled Ben Nevis, they made their way to the Lake District in order to summit Scafell Pike before moving on to Yr Wyddfa. 

The young rescue operation member thus became the youngest person to climb the highest mountains in the British Isles in just under 48 hours. Seren has also described the climbs as being quite difficult. Her heroic efforts and dexterity in climbing managed to raise 800 pounds for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital- which had helped her when she was a baby and had certain complications. Currently, the father-daughter climber duo has decided to climb other mountains- namely Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Toubkal, and the base camp of Mount Everest. 


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