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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
November 7, 2023 ·  3 min read

Burnt Out LED Bulb? Don’t Waste Money: Here’s the Electrician’s Technique to Repair it in Minutes

In recent years, LED bulbs have gained popularity for their energy-saving benefits and longer lifespans than traditional incandescent lights.1 Also known as light-emitting diodes, these cost-effective alternatives are a great choice for homeowners looking to reduce their electricity bills. However, not all lights are created equal, and it’s essential to understand the differences in quality and what to do when they start to dim or fail prematurely.

Electrician’s LED Bulb-Replacement Approach

If you’ve invested in LED bulbs, you’ve probably experienced the benefits of energy savings and longer-lasting lighting. But what happens when it burns out or starts to dim prematurely? While these lights don’t “burn out” in the same way incandescent ones do, they can lose their brightness over time. That’s when knowing an electrician’s technique for repair can come in handy.

A DIY approach can help you revive a dimmed or non-functioning LED bulb. By disassembling it, identifying the problematic LED, and carefully soldering a connection, you can restore your light’s functionality. This technique can save you money and extend how long your light will last.

As one resource explains, “At first I just threw them away, but my curiosity got the best of me and I took one apart. I have seen other Instructables about how to replace the burned-out LED, but with these cheap ones, it was not economical. So I experimented on them and found you can easily repair the burned-out LED and make the it useful again”.

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How to Repair a Burnt Out LED

If you’ve encountered a burnt-out bulb and want to salvage it, follow these simple steps to restore it to working order. This quick repair can save you money and help extend the lifespan of your LED bulbs.

Step 1: Disassemble the Bulb

Image Credit: Instructables

Start by carefully cutting off the top of the bulb. If you plan to use it as a standard “incandescent” bulb, you can reattach the cover using silicone calking. This is ideal for bulbs in areas not exposed to moisture, such as “can” lights or outdoor spotlights.

Step 2: Identify the Burnt-Out LED:

Locate the faulty LED by identifying a faint dark spot compared to the others. You’ll need a small screwdriver or knife to remove the damaged LED.

Step 3: Solder the Connection

After removing the faulty LED, solder the connection under the removed LED to bridge it. You can use soldering paste or rosin core solder for this step. This repair can extend the bulb’s lifespan and save you from replacing it prematurely.

Factors Affecting LED Bulb Lifespan

While repairing a dimmed LED bulb is a useful skill, it’s also essential to understand the factors that can affect its lifespan and contribute to premature dimming or failure.2 These factors include:

1. The Quality: The price you pay for LED bulbs often reflects their quality. Inexpensive bulbs may not last as long as their higher-quality counterparts. As one source notes, “If you bought a bunch of bulbs, and the price seemed too good to be true, don’t be surprised when they fail prematurely.

2. Heat: Heat is a significant enemy of LED bulbs. When they overheat, their components can degrade, causing premature dimming or failure. Ensuring proper air circulation and avoiding tightly enclosed fixtures can help mitigate this issue.

3. Compatibility with Dimmer Switches: Older dimmer switches designed for incandescent bulbs may not be compatible with LEDs. Upgrading dimmer switches and selecting the right LED bulbs for dimmable fixtures can help prevent premature failure.

4. Voltage Issues: LED bulbs are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. If you experience bulbs turning on and off sporadically or failing prematurely, it may indicate voltage sags or overvoltage in your home. Consulting a licensed electrician can help diagnose and address such electrical problems.

By understanding these factors and mastering the electrician’s technique for repair jobs, you can ensure that your lights shine brightly and economically for an extended period.

LED bulbs offer excellent energy efficiency and longevity. When these bulbs begin to dim or fail prematurely, employing an electrician’s technique for repair can help. Additionally, being aware of factors that affect your light’s lifespan can prevent issues and keep your home well-lit efficiently.

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