Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
October 17, 2023 ·  5 min read

The US Virgin Islands is Home to a Floating Taco Bar – and You Can Only Get There by Boat

Although there are many reasons to travel, one of the most popular is the desire to try new foods. Even better is when those delicious meals are paired with great company and the opportunity to experience something unique. For example, there is a floating taco bar in the Caribbean Sea. Astonishingly, the only way to get there is by boat.

The Virgin Islands have a reputation for being some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Although some British Virgin Islands require U.S. citizens to have a Passport, U.S. citizens can generally visit the U.S. Virgin Islands without one. One of those islands includes St. John, a restaurant offering a truly unique dining experience. A floating Taco Bar called Lime Out is a popular lunchtime destination.

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Creating a Floating Taco Bar

The floating taco bar was built by the owner and two of his childhood friends and is located on the Eastern side of the Island in Coral Harbor. Richard Baranowski, Dane Tarr, and Dylan Buchalter built the bright green floating taco bar on pontoon boats about three years ago. Not only is the restaurant unique in that it floats, but the only way to get to it is by water vessel.

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Arriving at the Floating Taco Bar

Guests can rent speedboats, kayaks, or paddle-boards to reach the floating taco bar, but they should know that it is a “no-wake” zone. Therefore, guests must swim at least a few feet from their vessel to a floating booth or the swim-up bar. In contrast, swimming up within 100 feet of the shore without a vessel is forbidden.

The floating taco bar has flavorful dishes that highlight Caribbean spices and curries. The menu, created by Amaro Rivera, combines these hearty and comforting flavors with the convenience of tacos. Creating a perfectly blended lunch of fresh sea air and delicious food sure to replenish any appetite.

Highlighting Caribbean Flavors

Some beautifully flavored taco options include stewed curry chicken and potatoes. Mahi Ceviche (with pink grapefruit and orange segments, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, chili-garlic-passion-fruit dressing, radishes, and chipotle coleslaw). As well as a vegan option of black beans and quinoa (with pickled onions, guacamole, jalapeños, sliced radishes, and local organic microgreens).

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Although the food at the floating taco bar sounds divine, that’s not all they’re popular for. The floating taco bar has a diverse drink menu featuring refreshing, homemade, handcrafted cocktails, soda, and juice. Some examples include a spiked seltzer from a local brewery, Thai-Chili-infused tequila, tamarind-infused shots, freshly squeezed juices like watermelon, and a cucumber lime soda. Furthermore, the cocktails are served in a reusable souvenir cup. Saving the planet and giving diners a fun way to remember their time at the floating taco bar

In many cases, the drinks, food, and fun flow so abundantly that it is recommended to have a “designated boat driver”. Furthermore, everyone is always encouraged to drink and party responsibly.

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Unique and Close to Home

As incredible as the Lime Out floating taco bar sounds, it’s not the only popular, unique dining experience; some are a little closer to home. For example, The Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia, features a “Visa” menu, which changes every three months. A lucky diner is selected at random. The diner then spins a globe. Lastly, Chef Lin then creates a menu based on the location of where the globe lands. A regular menu is always available, featuring foods from Turkey, Ethiopia, Cuba, Greenland, Côte D’Ivoire, and more.

Roughly a 12-hour drive from the innovation of the Consulate is another unique dining experience. One more closely related to the floating taco bar is Rats In New Jersey. It’s similar in that it combines the great outdoors and fresh air with a truly remarkable dining experience.

Rat’s is in the middle of a sculpture garden in Princeton, New Jersey, inspired by artist Claude Monet’s hometown of Giverny. The park’s picturesque views of greenery and serene waters bring paintings to life just before guests can enjoy a delicious and elegant French-inspired meal.

Notable West Coast Dining Opportunities

Meanwhile, Palm Springs, California, has a speakeasy called PS Air Bar. Located in the back of Bouschet wine shop, this airline-themed cocktail bar transports guests to another time. The immersive experience brings guests to a time when flights were new and exciting. It features bar tenders in old-time flight attendant uniforms. Meanwhile, co-owners former flight attendants Tom Beatty and Dennis Costa designed the speakeasy using parts from an old plane. The plane was formerly retired to the Mojave Desert junkyard for airlines. The PS Air Bar also features a list of cleverly named cocktails like the Red Eye and adorable decor, such as clouds hanging from the ceiling and reminding travelers of the magic of traveling through the clouds in the sky.

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Furthermore, Wahpepah’s Kitchen in Oakland, California, features Native American cuisine from all over the country, made by award-winning Chef Crystal Wahpepah of the Kickapoo Nation.

There are so many reasons to travel. From a change of scenery to exposure to a new way of life, the creativity and craft of others, some century-old traditions, adventure, fresh air, and unique experiences like the floating taco bar, there is likely always something that will appeal to everyone, bring loved ones together, and hell create memories that will last a lifetime.

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