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How To Build A Fold-Down Greenhouse

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a great way to connect yourself with nature, and lessen the demand that supermarkets have to supply. However, when nature is working against you, it might be time to think about building a greenhouse. Luckily, there are abundant examples to work from on the internet, including this nifty fold-down greenhouse. We are going to be sharing how useful this garden edition will be, and how easy it is to build it.


The convenient fold-down greenhouse

Household projects were at an all-time high during the global pandemic. Now that we are back into the swing of things, it is no reason to forgo the DIY warrior you discovered within you while you had nothing to do. Bonnie Plants introduced a brilliant design for a fold-down greenhouse that allows your plants access to natural sunlight and protection from the unpredictable climate during the transition from Summer to Winter. Chris Hill designed this marvelous contraction.

Cabbage covered in frost
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Early frost can inhibit your plants from flourishing. The shock of the unexpected cold is enough for them to pull up their roots, and refuse to grow, which we can all relate to (especially in the early mornings getting ready for work). The fold-down greenhouse protects them from embracing the cold while it covers the plants. Additionally, it creates a humid environment, which many plants prefer. Furthermore, you can also lift it up so the natural sunlight and rain can nourish your plant’s growth.


What you need:

Bonnie Plants describes every detail of how to make this “inexpensive” fold-down greenhouse. It is predominantly made of PVC pipe, making it lightweight and easy for anyone to lift up or down. Additionally, the plastic will ensure its longevity, as wooden poles might rot from too much rain exposure.

You will need PVC pipes, elbow fittings, tee fittings, metal conduits, lath washer head screws, bolts, plastic sheeting, utility chain, three spring links, spring clamps, and more. The full list of materials is listed on Bonnie Plants’ blog post.

Gather your tools and materials
Image credit: pexels

Next up, they listed all the tools you will need to build the fold-down greenhouse. They suggest ” a hacksaw, jigsaw, or miter saw*, a rubber mallet or sledgehammer, a drill/driver, spring clamps, and a ¾-inch soil/garden auger drill attachment. “ The last auger drill is optional.


Building the fold-down greenhouse

Make sure you have everything on the list of materials and tools provided by Bonnie Plants. Next up, they suggest you find a helping hand. If you are lucky enough o have a partner or spouse, things might be a little easier for you than if you were alone. However, you could always rope in a friend or two with the promise to share some of the herbs you grew so beautifully. However, this is not to say it is impossible for you to build this yourself; it might just take a little longer with only two hands.

Fold-down greenhouse
Image credit: Bonnie Plants

The instructions for the build suggest choosing the location first. They recommend a flat, well-drained area to avoid drawing your plant’s roots. The location should also have good sun exposure, so avoid building it under a tree. Lastly, they point out that the fold-down greenhouse must be eight inches from the wall. This should also be taken into account before you settle on your location. Regarding the construction of the fold-down greenhouse, Bonnie Plants have detailed instructions, which you can read in their blog post.

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