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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 4, 2024 ·  3 min read

Drivers left mindblown after learning pressing gas pump doesn’t actually make fuel come out

Car owners are left simultaneously mind-blown and baffled by a woman’s post about gas pumps. She is amazed at a recent revelation she made. According to her video, when one presses the trigger of a gas pump, it sends an alarm to the person working at the gas station. The cashier then presses a button that allows the gas to come out of that specific pump.

Gas does not come straight from the gas pump

Owning a car does not suddenly make you a car expert. In fact, it is the complete opposite for many people. Some countries make filling your car up with gas as easy as going through a drive-thru. In those cases, it is completely understandable if the car owner had no idea how a gas pump works. Other countries make it a little more complicated because the driver has to get out to fill the tank themselves. You might think that more people would have basic knowledge of gas pumps, but it seems many are still in the dark.

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Ladbible have revealed just how many people are not aware that when you press pull the gas pump’s trigger, that is not what lets the gas out. In fact, an alarm goes off inside the gas station that tells them to release the gas for that gas meter. One woman named Amelia Gartner made this discovery recently. She posted her revelation on her TikTok account under her profile, @ameliagartner.

Her post went viral!

After Amelia shared her discovery with her TikTok viewers, it seems she left thousands of people questioning their own knowledge about cars and gas pumps. Her video has been seen 2.5 million times, and now has nearly 105,000 likes.

Amelia captioned the video: “I’m sorry, am I the only person in the world who did not know that when you put this petrol thing in your car and press down the button that doesn’t make the petrol come out? It sends an alarm to the person inside the petrol station and they have to push a button to make the petrol flow out. Like, what?!”

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Comments from viewers

There are over 600 comments on Amelia’s video. A few people shared her surprise at this revelation, while others scoffed at her naivety. One person who used to work at a gas station was kind enough to comment. They explained that the high-pitched beeping noise you hear is the alarm that alerts the cashier to open the gas pump’s flow. “Worked at a gas station briefly,” they wrote. “Every time you hear the classic beeping sound in the store that’s the alarm waiting for the clerk to approve it.”

If you’d like to see the video your self you can see it below.


Why was this never taught in school? Mind blown…

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Another person commented saying that you must first choose the amount of gas you want, and when you press the trigger, it only fills your tank that much. “That’s when you pick it up, they have to approve it inside and then you choose which gas level you want and it comes out when you squeeze the lever.”

Then, someone else said, “Yeah that’s why you often have to wait 10 seconds for it to start coming out. But you need to hold it down for it to keep flowing.” While another echoes those words, “Am I the only one who is always waiting ages for the person in the petrol station to make it go?”

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