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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 8, 2024 ·  3 min read

Handyman reacts to support after kicking squatters out of mom’s house, calls for change

A gentleman from Las Vegas is advocating for an update to the laws regarding squatters’ rights. This all came as a group of squatters had taken up residence in his mother’s house in California. Flash Shelton, who is the founder of the United Handyman Association, reported that he was monitoring the property to determine when the squatters would depart before proceeding with any action.

Once Shelton observed the squatters vacating the premises, he entered the house and installed surveillance cameras immediately. He then informed the two women who had come back to retrieve the belongings that they needed to do so promptly or risk having him remove them himself.

She tried to say that it wasn’t her. That they weren’t in the house, but that her furniture was accidentally delivered.” He said on Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” According to him, upon learning about the squatters, he visited the residence and discovered that the back door had been forcibly entered. As a result, he swiftly drafted a lease agreement and had his mother designate him as the legal tenant.

The squatters' furniture on his mom's house's lawn
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He went on to talk about how he discovered the squatters in the first place

“I got it notarized. I had current utility bills with me in my name. It was I who had the keys to the house, and at that point, I would have entered the house. And if the squatter can take a home, I can take a home.” he said. “If I enter the house, they can’t kick me out just as much. But with having a lease and keys and utility bills at that point, you know, if they call the police, the police would tell them the same thing. If I call the police, I can say, ‘Hey, I have an intruder in my house, and they broke in the back door.’

One of the squatters
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Shelton mentioned that when he shared the details with the squatters, they chose to opt for the “safer” and “easier” approach by relocating all their belongings elsewhere. “I appreciate all the love and support that I’m getting,” Flash concluded, “but I just hope that the outdated squatter laws get some attention too so that maybe I can help change them.”

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You can watch the video here:

One social media user commented: “This is awesome, beat them at their own game. Well done.” Another said, “Yes, one for the good guys!” wrote a second, “Congratulations on getting your mom’s home back.” A third stepped forth with, “I love this” While a fourth added: “This is great!!!”

Some even went to the extent of providing counsel to any other distressed property owners. They wrote: “Putting an alarm system on an empty home is a great way to avoid this. Anyone not legally residing there tries to enter and the alarm notifies the police. Keeps anyone from setting up residency. Far less expensive than evictions.”

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