Here’s How You Make A Hanging Cabbage Treat For Your Chickens To Keep Them Entertained

A hanging cabbage treat is just what your chickens need!

Urban farming has become quite popular in recent times. From rooftop gardens to back yard beekeeping, and for the animal lovers, there is keeping a coop of chickens. They make excellent pets and benefit the family in many ways. Apart from the obvious benefit of laying eggs, they also help keep the garden clean and create an excellent fertilizer. Chickens also act as natural eco-friendly pest control! Eating pest insects. Chickens are natural garbage disposals, plus they are super easy to take care of. 


Making a hanging cabbage treat 

We want our chickens to be fit and healthy and get lots of food and exercise, and a great way to do that is with a hanging cabbage treat; in addition to keeping them fit, they also seem to be having fun, and a happy chicken lays happy little eggs.[1]


It is straightforward and pretty self-explanatory. All you will need is your choice of long sharp, penetrating tool, screwdriver, drill, or a stick and a fresh head of cabbage. You’ll also need some rope and an appropriate place to hang it when you’re done. You want to hang it low enough that the chickens can get to them but high enough that they have to work for it a little. You could also place them at the end of a ramp, encouraging them to walk up to get a hanging cabbage treat. 

hanging cabbage treat


  • Make a hole in the cabbage, feed the rope through the center, and tie it into a knot. Then allow some slack in the rope to dangle from the end of a long piece of rope.
  • Secure firmly to an anchor point and then watch them get into it. Make sure to keep an eye on them to ensure there are no mishaps or fighting. You can also hang multiple threats around the property for them to find to encourage exploring 

Other treats for chickens 

Lettuce could be a possible replacement for the hanging cabbage treat, as well as kale. You could also cut up some turnip greens and chard and make Brussels for them to peck at.[2]


A fruit salad is also a great, very healthy way to treat your chickens. Watermelon and berries of all colors are good to use in their fruit salad. Vegetable options include beets, broccoli, carrots, and kale, as well as swiss chard. Some chickens are known to prefer squash and pumpkins more than leafy plants.


Oatmeal is also an excellent snack that can just be scattered all over for them to peak at their leisure, and the same goes for rice. Cottage cheese is also a popular favorite and can be mixed into the vegetable mix. Starches like pasta and noodles are also a great way for them to get some fiber.


Corn and popcorn are also quick and easy snacks, but by far, their favorite treats seem to be mealworm. No preparation is needed. All you would have to do is make a small pile on the ground and let them at it. Ginger is also a fantastic superfood that will keep your chickens healthy and happy. Also, it can increase the size of the eggs they lay and improve the number of antioxidants in the yolk of the eggs.


Surprisingly, meat is also a popular snack for chickens as they are omnivorous. They will often chase mice or progs to get meat. Even stranger, scrambled eggs are also really good for the digestive system of your chickens! You could also use the eggshells as an extra protein boost by baking them at 350 degrees for 5 minutes and crush them up and sprinkle into their feed.


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