Woman finds hidden room behind bathroom mirror in her NYC apartment

Have you ever wanted to discover a hidden room? If you say you haven’t, stop lying.

Ever since the Harry Potter era, where kids grew up watching a magical castle with moving staircases, real-life pictures, and random rooms, I think it’s safe to say that most of us are fascinated with hidden rooms.


But have you ever seen one? Unfortunately, I don’t think many of us can say that we have.


However, that’s where Tik Tok comes in. When one of us finds a hidden room, like Samantha Hartsoe [1], we all find a hidden room.


Hartsoe finds a hidden room in NYC apartment

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to be that lucky person to come across something as amazing like, I don’t know… a HIDDEN ROOM… then I have the perfect thing for you.


Hartsoe lives in a New York City apartment with a couple of roommates. Not going to lie; that sounds like a pretty typical living situation to have in your early adulthood years. But just wait…


It started with the bathroom mirror

There was something off with Hartsoe’s bathroom mirror. In fact, there was more than something off; there was a significant amount of cold air come out from behind it.


You could say Hartsoe was taken aback by this, but I think that would be an understatement. We’ve all hear sounds in the night or thought we saw something that really ends up being a coat we hung up that resembled a person. But cold wind? Could you imagine?


Of course, Hartsoe did what any other 20-something would do in this situation. Open Tik Tok and record the whole thing.


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Is there a hidden room behind the mirror?

If you think there is a hidden room behind the mirror, you would be wrong. However, if you think there’s a hidden APARTMENT behind the mirror, then DING DING DING, we have a winner!!

Yes, you read that right – an apartment!

At first, when the mirror was taken off the wall, it just looked like an electrical hole. However, Hartsoe saw past the few wires to see that there was a whole room back there.

Of course, Hartsoe had to check it out, so she squeezed herself through the small hole only to discover it wasn’t just one room; it was a whole apartment.

Would you be scared if you found a hidden room?

I’m not going to lie, hearing about this sounds exhilarating but aren’t there a lot of horror movies that start this way? Like, I don’t know… Candyman?

There have also been things that have gone the wrong IRL from finding hidden rooms. For instance, A woman in 1987 was murdered because burglars entered through her bathroom window.

To see the four-part series of Hartsoe’s discovery watch this.

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