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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

Business Owner’s Hiring Sign Says Gen-Z Doesn’t Know How to Work, Online Backlash Ensues

Discrimination of any kind is a big no-no in today’s market. And while there are countless posts where Baby Boomers are seen lambasting Gen X and Gen-Z kids for their alleged entitlement, there are enough posts that end up torching the baby boomers as well. The people born in the 60s and 70s think that people today have an easy time, and they simply learn to complain rather than push through whatever obstacle they meet. Guess no one told them that the way things have previously been, and the way the baby boomers recklessly exhausted all of the resources and endangered the country, the Gen-Z people have a legitimate reason to crib about. 

Baby Boomers Have No Idea How Hard It Is For Gen-Z

Recently, a new beef between baby boomers and Gen-Z people came up when a Twitter user shared a screenshot that was taken off a signboard outside a store. The screenshot was then posted on r/antiwork. The sign apologized to the customers for being closed because of the inability of the store to staff it appropriately. The post read, “I apologize for closing AGAIN. My 2 new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift. Don’t Hire Gen Z’s, they don’t know what work actually means.

Image Credit: @ADELU1219 | Reddit

Needless to say, such an inflammatory post got absolutely bombarded with comments on the sub. One individual wrote, “They love to say being a cashier isn’t a real job and it should be done by teenagers then get all p***y when the teenagers act like teenagers.” The signboard called for baby boomers to apply for the post of a cashier who would be working on minimum wage- as if any baby boomer would consider doing that job in the first place!

u/Professional_Bug_533 commented, “News flash: All teenagers have always acted this way. It’s nothing new. Even the boomers when they were young.” Another user went on to state, “Cracks me up that they think boomers would be less entitled than Gen-Z.” To which another user responded, “Hilarious they also think a boomer would work for minimum wage lmfao.” Absolutely correct- no baby boomer would consider this to be a job befitting their station. 

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Hiring A Baby Boomer At Minimum Wage- And Other Lies Our Parents Told Us 

Other users chimed in with how baby boomers never really understood the generational gap that Gen-Z kids were going through. u/itchydogblues mentioned, “My employers pays $15 for front desk staff, and is constantly struggling with keeping it staffed at each location. Dude, that is stop-gap pay. You are going to get young adults who are about to leave for college, or are looking for a better job at all times. They aren’t going to stay and grow up into fully functioning adults working your desk for $15/hour. They will come and go and you will always have a shortage in perpetuity until you offer a payment package that a fully functioning adult would want to hang onto.

Some other users also didn’t understand why the store employer thought employing a baby boomer would be a good idea. One individual commented, “Hey you’re a baby boomer! I’m a baby boomer! Work for me and I’ll pay you minimum wage and we can talk all day about how great our generation is.

Other commenters commented from the employer’s perspective- who probably considered the Gen-Z kids they hired were languishing around. “Ha ha, just kidding. Go scrub the toilets, if you have time to lean you have time to clean! Meanwhile, I am going to go drop off today’s earnings and then go fishing on my boat. What a hard work life I have. Goodluck!

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