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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
May 7, 2024 ·  6 min read

Family suffers horrific giant mosquito bites while on ‘dream holiday’

Tracey, a 58-year-old teaching assistant from Leamington Spa, had a vision of a delightful two-week escape to the pristine white beaches of Hurghada. However, her idyllic dream quickly transformed into a nightmarish holiday experience when her family fell victim to a barrage of infected mosquito bites and suffered from unfortunate medication-induced incidents in the resort’s facilities.

Accompanied by her daughter Britt, 25, and son-in-law Liam, 31, Tracey embarked on their Egyptian adventure. Hoping for a rejuvenating getaway. Regrettably, their expectations were shattered as they found themselves confined to their room and afflicted by illness while witnessing staff dealing with disturbances and the perplexing case of a deceased dog.

Tracey and her family on holiday in Egypt
Image Credit: Courtesy of the family via Daily Mail

Sick for two weeks, things started to take a turn.

Stranded and unable to return home or seek alternative accommodations, Tracey and her family endured a grueling two-week period of sickness within the confines of a dilapidated room. One that emanated an unpleasant odor reminiscent of sewage. Tracey, who requested to maintain anonymity for her family, shared her harrowing vacation experience in Hurghada.

Tracey eagerly planned a peaceful vacation for her family to beat the summer rush. It was a significant trip for her daughter, who hadn’t traveled abroad in 13 years. And her son-in-law’s first overseas holiday. However, as Tracey lamented, “What could go wrong just bl**dy well went wrong!”

Bombarded with mosquito bites, but that was only part of the problem

From the very first night, their unfortunate ordeal began with relentless mosquito bites on their ankles. When they attempted to clean the wounds in the bathroom, they were dismayed to discover the absence of hot water. Although the staff promised to address the issue, Tracey shared what actually went down with her travel agency. “I went four days without hot water, unable to shower or cleanse my feet and ankles.”

Massive mosquito bites covered her feet
Image Credit: Courtesy of the family via Daily Mail

The discomfort grew unbearable as Tracey yearned for a soothing and hygienic bath to relieve her painful and swollen legs and ankles. The mosquito bites worsened, becoming infected with yellow lesions that oozed and impeded her ability to walk. Additionally, a bite on her eyelid left her face swollen and discolored for two days.

Not even her face was spared from mosquito bites
Image Credit: Courtesy of the family via Daily Mail

Describing the state of the bathroom, Tracey conveyed that it was abhorrently unclean. She vividly recalled the bath being “thick with grime” and even encountered a cockroach within its confines. Furthermore, the resort was permeated with a putrid sewage odor. While the public bathrooms were described as repulsive in her post-trip report.

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Tracey repeatedly asked for assistance, but it took ages for help to arrive

Left to navigate the resort with swollen and dirty ankles, Tracey took it upon herself to persistently address the issues. Despite assurances from reception that someone would attend to them. After four days of waiting, a team of five men finally arrived at her room to inspect the malfunctioning air conditioning.

Regrettably, by the next morning, the air conditioning had broken down once again. As Tracey explained, “Every problem that arose took days and days to resolve.” Upon lodging her complaint with the hotel, Tracey recounted that the receptionist responded dismissively. Simply saying, “What would you like me to do? It’s normal for air conditioning to have minor leaks.”

Despite the cleaner’s efforts to mop up the water each day, the issue persisted, causing recurring flooding. As Tracey’s wounds deteriorated, she sought assistance from an on-site doctor who diagnosed her infected bites and prescribed antibiotics.

A cocktail of medicines, topical ointments and antibiotics was prescribed
Image Credit: Courtesy of the family via Daily Mail

However, the situation took an unsettling turn when the doctor, who had initially offered to treat Britt without charge, reneged on his promise and began sending messages to the family. Demanding payment with inquiries such as “When are you paying?” and “Can you call now?

As if the mosquito bites and disgusting hotel conditions were not bad enough, it kept getting worse

In retrospect, Tracey expressed to her travel agent that the infections resulting from the mosquito bites completely overshadowed any possibility of enjoying her holiday. She lamented, “I couldn’t engage in snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins during the boat trip I had joined. Proper sunbathing was out of the question as I had to conceal my ankles and legs.”

She further conveyed her disappointment, stating, “It truly felt like a futile endeavor.” The day after receiving her vaccination, Tracey endured an unfortunate incident at the terrace bar—a sudden and uncontrollable episode of extreme diarrhea. Britt, also dealing with mosquito bites, had to rush around the resort to clean up after her.

The embarrassing nature of the situation deeply affected Tracey as she expressed, “I was and still am thoroughly embarrassed, as everyone could witness what had transpired.” The incident resulted in her clothes being irreparably ruined and subsequently discarded. She vividly described herself as “an absolute bl**dy mess.”

Reflecting on her past experiences in Egypt spanning 17 years, Tracey emphasized that she had never encountered such degrading circumstances before. Amidst her distressing illness, she humorously noted that one peculiar aspect of the holiday was having to stand outside the cubicle and clap to keep the motion sensor-activated light on.

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The whole trip was just an absolute nightmare

Throughout their stay, Tracey described scenes of chaos unfolding within the resort. According to her account, the family bore witness to a distressing incident where a staff member was assaulted by six men during their vacation. “It all began around midnight and persisted until around 3:30 in the morning,” she recounted. “The fight initially erupted near the terrace bar and eventually spilled over into the restaurant… They dragged the porter up to the restaurant to assault him discreetly, away from prying eyes.

Expressing her discontent to her travel agent, she remarked, “I would expect this kind of behavior in Benidorm.” The trip held significant meaning for her daughter, who had not traveled abroad in 13 years due to her struggles with anxiety and PTSD. Tracey explained, “The holiday was meant to provide her with a fresh start. She had endured a traumatic incident five years ago, and this was her opportunity to escape from it all… but it turned out to be utterly horrendous.”

Aside from mosquito bites and staff being beaten, there was even a dog involved

In a separate incident, a guest had left a deceased dog in the reception area. “Wrapped in a blanket, she placed it on a chair, sparking a heated argument between her and another guest, eventually involving the staff,” she recounted. “The lifeless dog was eventually discarded outside the front of the hotel and had to be removed… by a member of the staff. The absurdity of it all is beyond comprehension,” she said.

Tracey shared her sentiments regarding the desire to return to the UK after just a few days if given the opportunity. The swelling in her feet and ankles raised concerns about the potential exacerbation of her condition during the flight. She candidly expressed, “The thought of thrombosis genuinely worried me, so I felt compelled to remain and continue taking antibiotics until I personally felt it was safe and confident to travel back home.”

Then, after all the emotional turmoil the family had been through it was finally time to go home

Finally, the moment arrived for Tracey and her family to return home, only to be faced with yet another setback—the anticipated transfer to the airport failed to materialize. “We were informed that the transfer would be waiting for us outside at 6 p.m. We waited for 30-40 minutes and eventually had to arrange an Uber ourselves,” she expressed her frustration. “It was absolutely appalling. We couldn’t even escape from the place.”

Upon returning home, Tracey had to seek medical attention in the UK due to a new infection that had developed. Eager to address the issues they encountered and the distress and disappointment they endured, Tracey contacted the organizers, requesting compensation. After a thorough investigation, her agency offered £850, which equated to the cost of the hotel, an offer she ultimately accepted.

Subsequently, the Hotel Aqua Beach Resort in Hurghada closed down. Tracey’s travel agency announced that the resort has since reopened under new management and undergone extensive refurbishment, leading to significantly improved reviews.

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