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These Amazing Homes Build Themselves In 10 Minutes

These homes that build themselves will blow your mind!

The endeavors of modern-day architects and engineers have allowed us to go from living in huts made of mud, ice, or animal skins to living in high-rise buildings hundreds of feet tall. There are different styles of architecture. Some have to build on minimal space, so innovation is key; others have to fit as many people as possible inside the building. Then there is Ten Fold Engineering, a British company that has created the first mobile homes that build themselves. To watch the house grow is truly magical to behold and yet shockingly simple to achieve.


The amazing homes that build themselves

These extraordinary homes are simple and intelligently designed, so they really are homes that build themselves. “It transforms the utility of the building,” says David Martyn, an employee from Ten Fold. These unique and mobile homes that build themselves can fold and unfold themselves at the push of a button. They can grow to between 8-10 the size of the original container.[1]

homes that build themselves
© Ten Fold Engineering Ltd. 

Instant homes and folding homes have been part of our awareness since at least 2015. IKEA foundation created a foldup home for Syrian refugees that measured 17 square meters. These small homes were equipped with solar-powered lights, a door that locks, and a 3 years guarantee and are made of plastic.

Foldable House IKEA
© IKEA Foundation

The instant home was created by students at the TU Darmstadt Hesse for refugees. They were made of thick cardboard about 3cm thick. “The idea is to be able to offer on-site help in a relatively straightforward way, but it would be better if shelter just popped up. says professor Ariel Auslender. 

David’s exact idea was for a house that unfolds at the touch of a button. Ten Fold’s founder and CEO have worked for over seven years with a number of engineers and architects to create homes that build themselves automatically. The TF-64 was unveiled in September and boasts a 9 meter long, 3 meters wide, and 2.9 meters high. Once it folds out, it becomes a house that offers 64 square meters of living space! As well as 30 square meters of storage.


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Simple design 

The surprisingly low-tech house that builds itself uses a type of technology that uses a patented lever system that brings components into the correct position using hoists and counterweights. The first pillar of the house extends and braces into the ground when the locking mechanism is released. The roof and floors extend next and fill the inside first, then the outside. “The structures of Ten Fold do not use computers or networks but simply physics,” said Martyn about the homes that build themselves.[2]

homes that build themselves
© Ten Fold Engineering Ltd 

These amazing homes that build themselves can also be fitted with fold-away furniture. A kitchen and bathroom with fold-out surfaces is also an option. The windows and doors can also be fully customized. And the outside of the house can be fitted with solar panels and an energy-efficient water tank, as well as a compost toilet. All this allows for “new freedoms” in architectural design and innovation. 


Shape-shifting homes 

It is possible to create all sorts of new and interesting shapes for buildings by stacking them on top of one another. Also, by joining them to make a really long space. Holiday resorts and schools have even been constructed. Also, in the worst case of a natural disaster, these homes that build themselves can be used as first-aid, hospital, or emergency shelters if needed. 


The homes that build themselves have been available worldwide since 2018. The new freedom mobile home experience can start with just the touch of a button!


Check out the homes that build themselves in action!


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