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Sean Cate
April 30, 2024 ·  5 min read

Man Lives in a dumpster for $62/month to highlight housing crisis – take a look inside

The London housing crisis has reached unprecedented heights, with skyrocketing rent prices and an ever-growing demand for affordable living spaces. Amidst this backdrop, one individual has come up with a unique solution to the problem, living in a dumpster that he built himself for just $5,000.1 Let’s delve into the story of this 28-year-old artist and take a look inside his one-of-a-kind home.

Meet the Dumpster Dweller

Living in a dumpster may sound like a desperate move, but for this 28-year-old artist, it was an ingenious solution to the housing crisis². The artist, Harrison Marshall, is saving up to buy a home in London and decided the best way to do so was to renovate a dumpster into a tiny home³. With a budget of $5,000, he transformed the discarded container into a comfortable and functional living space.

Image Credit: Gergana Popova | CNBC Make It

A Peek Inside the $5,000 Dumpster Home

The artist’s dumpster home may be small, but it is surprisingly well-equipped. The 25-square-foot space has been carefully designed to include a bed, storage, and a small kitchenette. The innovative design and efficient use of space demonstrate that living in a dumpster can be both comfortable and sustainable. That said, laundry is done off-site, the toilet is outside the home, and showering needs to be done at the gym or office. 

Image Credit: Gergana Popova | CNBC Make It
Image Credit: Gergana Popova | CNBC Make It

A Unique Response

The artist’s decision to live in a dumpster is more than just a creative solution to the current housing climate – it is also a statement on the lack of affordable housing in London.3 The city’s housing crisis has been exacerbated by a combination of factors, including a growing population, increased demand for housing, and a scarcity of affordable properties. As a result, many residents are being priced out of the housing market, forcing them to search for alternative living arrangements. Living in a dumpster serves both the functional purpose of affordable living while also speaking to the greater narrative of the rising costs of living in London.4 By choosing to live in a dumpster, the artist highlights the severity of the situation and the urgent need for more affordable housing options in the city.

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London Housing is Only Getting Worse

London’s housing crisis is not a new phenomenon, but recent reports suggest that the situation is only getting worse.5 A growing number of people are being pushed out of the city due to unaffordable housing costs, and the problem is expected to escalate in the coming years. The increasing demand for affordable housing and the lack of suitable properties have created a perfect storm, leaving many residents with few options for securing a place to live.

As things in London continue to worsen, innovative solutions like the artist’s dumpster home are becoming increasingly (and unfortunately) necessary. While living in a dumpster may not be the answer for everyone, it serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for affordable housing options in the city.

Alternative Solutions

As the housing crisis in London deepens, it is crucial to explore alternative solutions that could help alleviate the problem. One such solution is the development of micro-homes, which are compact, affordable living spaces designed to maximize the use of limited urban areas. These homes offer a practical solution for those who may not be able to afford a traditional property, while also making efficient use of space in a densely populated city.

Another potential solution is the promotion of co-living arrangements, in which residents share common living spaces while maintaining private bedrooms. This type of housing model can help reduce living costs and foster a sense of community among residents. Both micro-homes and co-living arrangements represent innovative ways to address the crisis and provide more affordable options for London’s residents.

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The Role of Government

Obviously, this is a complex issue that requires the involvement of various stakeholders, including government, private developers, and local communities. Government policies can play a crucial role in providing incentives for the development of affordable housing, as well as regulating the real estate market to prevent speculative activities that drive up housing costs.

Private developers should also be encouraged to prioritize the construction of affordable housing units, rather than focusing solely on luxury properties that cater to high-income individuals. Finally, local communities should be engaged in the planning and development process, ensuring that new housing projects align with the needs and preferences of the residents they are intended to serve.

The story of the artist living in a $62/month dumpster serves as a vivid illustration of the severity of the London housing crisis. As the city grapples with a growing population and a scarcity of affordable properties, individuals like this artist are finding creative ways to adapt to the challenges of urban living. While his solution may not be suitable for everyone, it does highlight the need for creative and innovative approaches to addressing the city’s housing challenges. 

By exploring alternative solutions such as micro-homes and co-living arrangements, and by fostering collaboration among government, private developers, and local communities, it is possible to tackle the lack of affordable living available and create a more inclusive and affordable housing market in London. The dumpster home serves as both a practical solution and a powerful statement on the state of housing in London, highlighting the urgent need for change.

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