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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 11, 2024 ·  4 min read

What humans may look in the year 3000 thanks to our reliance on tech

Humans are ever-evolving, and sometimes not for the greater good. Apparently one-day human’s could suffer from a condition called the tech neck. New research claims that humans in the next millennium could potentially have second eyelids, smaller brains, and hunched backs, and it could all be boiled down to being a slave to technology. One can safely assume that looking at mobile phones for hours on end, and sitting in front of a computer screen could lead to a change in how we appear. After all, we are always adapting and evolving.

TollFreeForwarding, a technology company in the United States, collected expert opinions and scientific research. They used it to create a 3D model of a “potential human“. The teams call it “Mindy”. Mindy hails from the year 3000. She’s human, however, you’ll notice that her skeletal structure has changed due to her laptop, smartphone, and technology usage. Say hello to Mindy below.

Mindy, a 3D model of the future human with a tech neck amongst other adaptations to technology
Image Credits: TollFreeForwarding

A 3000 AD Human Would Come with a Whole Host of Skeletal Anomalies

The company stated that Mindy was created based on how technology and its usage can affect the body. In a press release, they mentioned, “We sourced scientific research and expert opinion on the subject, before working with a 3D designer to create a future human whose body has physically changed due to consistent use of smartphones, laptops, and other tech.” The model clearly displays centuries of looking down while using technological gadgets which could result in tech neck. Also, the hands have been permanently molded into the shape of a claw.

They dub it “text claw” for humans would be holding smartphones in that manner. The company had consulted Dr. Nikola Djordjevic who informed them that the way humans held their phones could potentially cause strain at certain points of contact. This could lead to cubital tunnel syndrome. Along with tech neck and text claw, Mindy’s build also highlighted a smartphone elbow.

This takes place when the elbow is at a 90-degree angle. It is eerily reminiscent of the typical positioning of the arm when it is holding an electronic gadget. The doctor further mentioned that keeping the elbow bent for so long while holding a phone could stretch the nerve behind the elbow and put a lot of pressure on it. 

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Tech Neck, Text Claw, And The Like- The New Human Will Have To Adapt To Survive

Interestingly, looking down for hours on end could lead to the evolution of the upper torso. Such a static position could lead to hunched backs and thicker necks- called tech neck. This will be an adaptive symptom of the human body as the tissues in the neck have to contract hard to hold the head up. Dr. K. Daniel Riew from the Presbyterian Orch Spine Hospital in New York did explain that the more people look down, the harder it would be for the muscles at the back of the neck to keep the head up. 

The company’s model Mindy also highlights a host of other grotesque features. Humans in the year 3000 could expect a thicker skull but a smaller brain. They would also grow a second eyelid that would be protecting the eyes from too much exposure to light. Kasun Ratnayake from the University of Toledo did state that the eyes will proactively develop a prominent inner eyelid.

It would serve to protect the eyes from blue light radiation. Back in 2010, David Geary- a cognitive scientist- stated that human cognitive ability could potentially decline due to technological advances made in health, agriculture, and more. This implies that humans would not have to function as hard to survive- as they did eons ago. 

Before Mindy was developed by the company- along with a host of features like Tech Neck, Text Claw, and others, there was Emma. Emma was built in 2019 in order to highlight the importance of good conditions in the workplace. Otherwise, the model warned that things would deteriorate for future generations. Researchers managed to create this model after interviewing almost 3,000 employees about their health issues and concerns in the workplace. To put it simply, Emma has a permanently hunched posture which has been the result of sitting before the computer for hours on end every day. 

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