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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

New device allows users to kiss people anywhere in the world over the internet

Imagine having searched for years for the love of your life, and you finally found them. The only thing is, they have just been offered a job overseas. Now, you face the reality of losing them just as things are about to get serious. The good news is technology has made long-distance dating seem a little less daunting. A device has been created that allows people to make out with anyone, so long as they have a smartphone and an internet connection.

Warm, moveable lips

The online shopping world is filled with all kinds of remarkable inventions. There truly is no limit to what human beings can think of. To reiterate this point, China has introduced yet another fascinating invention. It is aimed at helping those loving couples struggling through long-distance dating. It is a device that you attach to your smartphone that is equipped with warm and moveable lips that you can kiss. All you need to do is close your eyes, pucker your lips, and imagine your partner is right there.

Jiang Zhongli is the man mainly responsible for this virtual, yet physical, kissing device. When he was in university, he and his girlfriend had a long-distance relationship. Missing her inspired some thoughts, and now we have a remote kissing machine. “In my university, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only had contact with each other through the phone. That’s where the inspiration of this device originated,” Zhongli said in an interview with Global Times.

Connect the device to an app on your smart phone
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Jian Zhongli’s device is similar, but not the same as the Kissinger, a Malaysian design released in 2016. The major difference is that the Kissinger had a pressure-responsive silicone pad, and this remote kissing device has 3D-shaped and life-like lips. The devices can be bought through the online shopping platform in China called, Taobao. One set of lips is about $38, and a pair is $79.

How does it work?

You might be wondering how such a device works. Well, there are built-in pressure sensors that come into play while you’re using the device. It mimics the movement of actual human lips and gives the right amount of pressure. To make it even more life-like, the kips of the kissing device exude a warmth that is uncanny to a real human’s lips pressing against yours. Additionally, the remote makeout session is even more real when the device lets off sounds. The noise is a realistic mimic of how real lips would sound while kissing.

Real 3D lips to kiss
image credit: Twitter

When you buy your kissing device, you need to connect it to your smartphone. Then, you need to download a specific application you synch with the device. If you and your partner wish to share a kiss, you would need to log into the app. From there, you will pair with your partner virtually and send them a direct replica of your best smooch.

Share a virtually real kiss from anywhere in the world
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Furthermore, you do not have to be in a relationship with someone to appreciate this device. In other words, you can share a kiss with just bout anyone through the app. All you need to do is upload your kiss into the app. With your permission, anyone can download your kiss to experience. The same goes for you. you can download anyone’s kiss, and you do not have to endure any saliva exchange.

Internet’s opinions

Since the release of this invention, many people have questioned whether it has a leg to stand on in today’s world. It seems that for now, many people are unsure of the device. Words like “creepy,” and “vulgar” have been used to describe it. One person Tweeted: “Remote Kiss device, this seems all sorts of wrong.” Another said: “Um, that’s a no for me. I’m into some weird things but I can’t even with the way I kiss. Tonguing and biting some fake ass lips haha. Nope.”

Then, one person offered a positive testimonial. They wrote: “My partner didn’t believe that (remote) kissing could be achieved at first, so her jaw dropped when she used it … This is the best surprise I have given her during our long-distance relationship.”

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