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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 18, 2024 ·  2 min read

Kids stop man from kidnapping student at Maryland school bus stop, police say

According to the Montgomery County Police, a man named Jamaal Germany, aged 30 and a resident of Gaithersburg, attempted to kidnap a child waiting at a school bus stop. The location was Towne Crest Drive in Gaithersburg. Fortunately, a group of alert students quickly intervened and prevented the kidnapping from occurring.

According to the police report, a number of students who were present at the bus stop at the time of the incident tried to intervene. They managed to help the victim break free from the kidnapper’s grip. Subsequently, when the school bus arrived, all the students boarded it safely. They then reported the incident to the staff at Redland Middle School.

Redland Middle School where the attempted kidnapping happened
Image Credit: NBC News

Following investigations, the detectives were able to identify the suspect. Now known as Jamaal Germany, he was taken into custody for attempted kidnapping. As per the booking records, the suspect, Jamaal Germany, was still in custody at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility on Tuesday morning.

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The authorities have urged individuals who suspect that they may have been victimized by Germany to come forward and report to the police. According to an NBC Washington report, a neighbor, who preferred to remain anonymous disclosed that this isn’t the first time. A parent of a high school student disclosed that an apparent kidnapping attempt has taken place in the area before. “Apparently he was at the bus stop last week doing the same thing.” The parent said. 

The Montgomery County Public Schools have confirmed that they have requested police to provide security presence at the bus stop in question. In a letter addressed to parents, the principals of Redland Middle School, Judith A. Resnik Elementary School, and Col. Zadok Magruder High School notified them about the incident. They then reassured them that the victim was safe and unharmed.

Jamaal Germany, the person responsible for the attempted kidnapping in Maryland
Image Credit: GMA

With parents in fear after the kidnapping, protocols have been put in place

The communication addressed to the parents stated that both the Montgomery County schools and the county police department would step up security measures at the bus stop in question. “We are sharing this information with all three school communities. Given that the bus stop where the incident occurred is used by students from these schools.” The letter said. 

Knowing that this may have been alarming for some of our students, we are providing social-emotional support. This is for all of the students who were at the bus stop and may have witnessed this.” The letter said. It would be a good idea for all parents to remind their children of the risks. They should additionally take precautions to avoid any future kidnappings.

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