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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
June 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

Flight attendant demonstrates how to charge your phone without a charger

A flight attendant recently revealed a remarkable trick for recharging your iPhone when you find yourself without a charger. Have you ever experienced the frustration of completing a whole flight, navigating airport transfers, and finally reaching your hotel room, only to realize you’ve left a crucial item behind: your phone charger?

Fortunately, fret not because a seasoned traveler has shared a clever solution to this dilemma, and it’s capturing the attention and excitement of many. Esther, a member of the airline crew, shared an astonishing hack on TikTok with her 216.3k followers, revealing that there’s no longer a necessity to carry a wall plug or travel adapter while on vacation.

The KLM flight attendant offered some really good advice

Esther, KLM flight attendant
Image Credit: @esthersturrus | TikTok

Employed by the Dutch airline KLM, Esther divulged a set of six hotel-related tricks, one of which stood out: “Is your world travel plug broken?” she asked. “Simply use your USB cable and charge your devices via the TV! This comes in incredibly handy if you’ve forgotten or misplaced your charger’s wall plug.

Esther adamantly vouched for the effectiveness of her hack, suggesting that travelers staying in hotels won’t have to rush to duty-free for a travel adapter at the last minute. They also won’t need to squeeze their wall plug into their already tightly packed hand luggage, as the cable alone should suffice.

Airplanes are well-known for their dry cabin air, as they continuously bring in external air to maintain a fresh and breathable environment inside the aircraft. However, this consistent influx of outdoor air also leads to significantly lower humidity levels, causing passengers to become dehydrated more quickly than usual.

To address the challenges of dry air during travel, the KLM flight attendant shared a simple solution: a small towel. “Being on planes means you always suffer from the dry air. And it is not nice if you also have dry air in your hotel room. So another big tip of mine is, when you arrive at your accommodation, soak a small towel and place it in front of the heater,” she said, adding: “That water evaporates and in a small hotel room that can bring just a little relief.”

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In the same video, Esther also provided insights into why vacationers should consider leaving a shoe in their hotel safe

In the same video, Esther also provided insights into why vacationers should consider leaving a shoe in their hotel safe
Image Credit: estersturrus TikTok

Many individuals tend to hesitate to leave valuable belongings in their hotel room safe, fearing they might forget them when they depart. Whether it’s jewelry, cash, a passport, or a cherished souvenir, we’ve all experienced doubts about entrusting something precious to a safe.

This KLM flight attendant’s unconventional advice is to place your shoe alongside your valuable item inside the safe. She reasons that since people typically remember both pairs of shoes, this clever trick can help ensure you won’t forget your valuable possessions. “This way you will never forget anything from your safe. You will notice when you want to leave that you are missing a shoe, it’s also quite a funny one!” It may sound a bit unconventional, but if it proves effective, it’s a genius solution, isn’t it?

To maintain dental hygiene without compromising on cleanliness, the 22-year-old suggests avoiding placing your toothbrush directly on the sink. She opts for a practical approach by turning a paper cup upside down and securing her toothbrush in it. This way, she avoids placing her toothbrush on a sink that may not be as clean as she’d prefer.

The KLM flight attendant kept going

When searching for cheaper airline flights, it’s a smart idea to use private browsing mode. Frequently, travel websites and airlines use cookies to track your browsing history, which can result in higher prices being displayed to returning visitors. By using private browsing mode, you can help ensure that you receive the most competitive and unbiased flight prices during your search.

These companies know how often you visit their site and will typically raise the price because of your frequent visits,” Esther explained. “Therefore, by using private browsing, nothing can be tracked or traced.” Seems this KLM flight attendant has a valuable outlook on traveling with advice for us all.

Numerous fellow travelers have eagerly responded in the comments, showering Esther with praise for her ingenious hacks. “Wow! These are cool ideas…. Thanks for sharing!” Said one follower. A second penned: “One of the most useful videos here.” A third commented: “This legit has just blown my mind!” revealed a third. “Why have I never thought of this!” A final TikTok user echoed: “I love these hacks so much. I honestly wouldn’t have thought of any of it!”

Here are a few more tips for that next flight

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