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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 15, 2023 ·  2 min read

‘Ghost Town…Not A Single Soul’: Man Can’t Find Employees At Walmart, Uses Intercom To Get Help

A customer recently had to use the intercom service at Walmart to get help. Why? Well, there were absolutely no employees around. In order to purchase a laptop, TikTok users @charlestonboy843 had to take the help of intercom services. This resulted in a viral video, which he captioned, “Locating Walmart employee hack.” While walking up to the product, Will stated, “Sh*t frustrating as hell man. Can’t never find any employees at Walmart.” Finally, he had to use the intercom- as he needed help with his purchase. 

Image Credit: @charlestonboy843 | TikTok

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Walmart Might As Well Be Just A Ghost Town

The TikToker then decided to show his viewers the entire Walmart store. As it turns out, it was nothing but a ghost town. On the intercom, he said, “This is the electronic department. Can someone please come to the electronics department? I’d really appreciate it.” While an employee did arrive- the reason was different. “This man was pissed I used HIS intercom. He told me I should’ve walked around until I found someone.” Needless to say, this video became extremely viral and now has around 2.4 million views. Soon, people started commenting on the accuracy of the video.


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One user stated, “He wasn’t mad that you used his intercom. He was mad that you blasted him for not being at … his station.” Another user stated, “Yeah the reason it takes so long is because that same person is probably covering 4-5 different areas because they can staff their store properly.” Finally, another user commented, “Can’t ever find an employee but you can guarantee there’s someone at the door waiting to check your receipt.” Interestingly, some other users believe that the way Will handled the situation wasn’t right. 

As it turns out, the last video regarding the Walmart experience got Will fired from his job. Some of the users who checked his video reached out to his boss. At the end of the day though, the video has been deleted.

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