Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 7, 2024 ·  7 min read

Man Combines 2 Tiny Homes to Create The Perfect Family Home

In today’s world, people look for tiny homes in order to manage both their finances and their spaces properly. But there are also other individuals who are looking for bigger households- in a very minimal way. For them, this particular combination of 2 tiny homes would be the perfect solution for the entire family. This combination is perfect for those families who want to downsize- but are still looking for separate spaces and privacy.

The combined unit takes an L-shaped design- where one of the units is made entirely of the kitchen and the living room. In the conjoined section would be the storage area and the bathroom. The bedroom that also functions as a home office is situated on the other end, and above the bathroom is situated a loft bedroom. 

Two tiny houses create the perfect tiny home.
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Two Tiny Homes Joined To Make One Home- It Does Save A Lot Of Space

In order to make the most out of the tiny home, a large deck was also added to the structure that ran around the entire property. This would be perfect for lounging with a morning coffee- or even just hosting a barbecue in the summer months. One aspect of the place that is surely going to attract a lot of the population would be the multiple entrances that this place has. There is a door that opens up to the living space, and one would also have a side door that would be opening up between the kitchen and the living room. There is yet another entrance at the back of the property- by the storage nook and the bathroom. And finally, the sliding door situated in the main bedroom also allows one to get in or out of the household. 

The tiny home conjoined into two is created to provide the ultimate comfort for a family. This is why the entrance of the household has an extremely cozy sofa lined up against the door, along with a couple of chairs. The dining table has bookshelves and cabinets lined up against it. The dining table is also pretty spacious- as it can fit up to 8 people. The storage space ought to delight the residents as well- for there is ample space for cookware and pantry supplies. For budding chefs, there is a galley kitchen set up properly for any meals.

The galley kitchen is lined with a whole bunch of cabinets which are placed all around the space, as well as the butcher block counter. Needless to say, the kitchen is simply in wait for someone to bring in groceries and make a nice family dinner. The kitchen also has several bits and pieces of the popular modern farmhouse style like the deep white sinks and the faucet. One can also find a buffet just across the sink, where there are more cabinets, and drawers for storage- along with the same countertop- butcher block.

The Kitchen, The Bathroom, and The Bedroom- Minimal But Aesthetic 

According to the website, “Below you get a look back toward the front door. There is a lovely curio cabinet inside the door, but you could also add a television here or a few more chairs if you prefer. I could also see this space easily holding a sleeper sofa to add room for guests.” Between the spaces is where one would find the bathroom in this tiny home. The bathroom is definitely quite unique for it has double entrances. One of them faces towards the rest of the room, while the other entrance opens up right into a bedroom. “Here you can see into the bathroom more along with a look at the storage and mud room with a ladder leading up the loft”, the website reads. 

The bathroom in this residential property is definitely quite minimalistic- yet beautiful. There is a nice-sized cabinet that is located just under the sink, along with storage on the wall above the toilet, coupled with a bathtub, and a shower combination. For those who like a nice, long bath, the bathtub is perfect to soak in. But for those who are in need of a fast shower early morning, the shower is right there for you.

After that, the website points towards the bedroom- “Through the door at the back of the bathroom is the master bedroom. This space is set up with a bed, wardrobe, and a desk for office space. While basic, it is roomy and has a private entrance with sliding glass doors on the side facing the front porch. Head up the ladder to find the kid’s room which is an extended loft space. Here you have a sofa on one side with two twin beds and storage spaces.”

The bedroom in this tiny home doesn’t have enough room for standing- but it is definitely tall to take care of all the furniture- which also involves the chest of drawers.  

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